Alex Jones Presents -- Exclusive Photos from Operation Urban Warrior


The Police State Takeover



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Taken by Alex Jones.
Oakland, CA 1999
Alex Jones and Mike Hanson at Operation:  Urban Warrior
Cops Join in the War Games
Tim Jones, Media Coordinator
Military Helicopter Flying in Troops for Operation Urban Warrior
Foreign Troops Training in America
Foreign Soldiers Training During Operation Urban Warrior
Thugish Marine in Operation Urban Warrior
More Thugs Training During Operation Urban Warrior
Cops Training with the Military
Actors Posed as Americans Begging to Be Let Out of Concentration Camps
Military Practices Treating American Civilians LIke Prisoners of War
Thugish Cop Dressed up in Mlitary Garb
Gestapo-Style Tactics Were Practiced
Troops Prepare to Roll Down Oakland Streets
Military Loudspeakers Ordered the Civilians to Remain Calm
A "Prisoner" with a Gun Pointed to His Head
Police and the Military Conferring Together
A Marine Consults a Foreign Officer
Actors Posing as Civilians in a Detention Camp
Troops in the Streets  of Oakland, California
Gas Masked Troops in the Streets of Oakland, California
Troops in Chemsuits
Exclusive Police
The Video:
Police State 2000
The Video:
Police State The Takeover Exclusive Photo Section

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Police State 2000