Brian D. Hill
October 26, 2011

Note (Brian D. Hill): I know there are good people trying to protest because they lost everything to the Bilderberg elite but the problem is any group can be infiltrated and hijacked to help a broken and corrupt political cause such as the New World Order master agenda. Either Occupy Wall Street has started with the intent of fooling people to supporting the elites agenda being pushed through stealth or they became hijacked in order to promote socialism, the end of basic human and private rights, and the beginning of socialism and communism run by the fascist elite.

I have been doing some digging and interviews with two Occupy D.C. activists, took photos, video, and even checked on Occupy D.C.’s website to find some very disturbing information that they are promoting world law and socialism.

For three days and four nights (From October 21st to 24th) I have been at Washington D.C. conducting interviews, taking photos, taking video, and asking questions for my news website, We Are Change, FederalJack, all other alternative media websites, and for the documentary America: From the road of freedom to the streets of fascism. That was the day before I attempted to interview the congress which turned out to be a huge failure then attempted to interview them out in the streets but got turned down as the congressional staff ignores me outside the House of Representatives office building.

I was going to take photos of the White House and found out that Occupy DC was protesting there so I checked it out. I even asked their information tent if she even knew about the Bilderberg Group but she responded that she does not know about it. Surprising that the very people Occupying Wall Street and D.C. don’t even know about the Bilderberg Group but did know about the Bush family that is at the heart of the new world order.

Even if the woman I interviewed knew nothing of the Bilderbergt Group that are the real puppet masters behind the curtain I did get to interview an interesting man that is against the Federal Reserve and wants the opportunity to be able to work and live without losing everything to the elite.

I even have evidence (See here) that there are political groups actually paying salaries to be apart of the Occupy Wall Street protests in New York City.

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