Alex Jones Presents to Fight the New World Order -- Exclusive Photos from Operation Urban Warrior
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Operation Urban Warrior Photos:

Here you see the local police, dressed up like nazi thugs, lined up military fashion to join the war games. Across America our "peace officers" have transformed into "law enforcers." Whereas the blue and white garbed friendly policeman of the past was someone you might call to help rescue your cat out of the tree or invite in for a cup of coffee, law-abiding Americans now dread a visit from the ski-masked, jackbooted thugs. Over and over again, the innocent are victimized by out-of-control police "forces" that repeatedly raid the wrong houses, violate the Fourth Amendment, stooping so low as to shoot family dogs. Think that the way the police in this picture look like the military is a coincidence? Think again. The move to militarize the police has been snowballing over recent years. Police now train like the military, dress like the military, use military weapons and call citizens "civilians". And of course they have been working with the military, as they are prepared to do in this picture taken by Alex Jones during Operation: Urban Warrior.

Tim Jones, Media Coordinator