Edward Luce
Financial Times
September 10, 2008

Ron Paul, the fringe Republican candidate who out-raised most of his opponents in the US presidential election, including John McCain, is to hold a joint event in Washington on Wednesday with all the other third party candidates, including Ralph Nader.

Tuesday’s announcement for an event that will also include Bob Barr, the Libertarian party candidate, Cynthia McKinney, the Green party candidate and Chuck Baldwin, the Constitution party’s candidate, has raised speculation that Mr Paul may be about to repudiate Mr McCain.

McCain officials have reportedly reached out to Mr Paul in search of his endorsement – or at least to avoid his outright opposition. But Mr Paul has so far offered no public support for the Republican nominee, even though he remains a member of the party.

A spokesman for Mr Nader, who has polled up to 6 per cent public support according to one poll earlier in the summer, said that Mr Paul shared a large number of common positions with the third party candidates. But the spokesman refused to be drawn on whether Mr Paul would either join a third party ticket or explicitly endorse Mr Nader or another candidate.

The spokesman said that Mr Nader and Mr Paul shared a common revulsion for the US’s “illegal wars”, the “multi-billion bail-out of corporations”, the “trashing of the US constitution by both parties”, restrictions on civil liberties and the “illegal wire-tapping” of American phones and e-mail.


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