Leftists wasted little time in politicizing the mass shooting in Las Vegas Monday, immediately clamoring for officials to label it terrorism, and calling for increased gun controls, despite the only known fact about the shooter is that he used weapons that are already illegal.

Perhaps the most brazenly insensitive comments came from Esquire columnist Charles Pierce, who immediately penned a column headed “If Newtown Wasn’t Enough, Why Would Las Vegas Be Enough? Our leaders are afraid to tolerate limits on Second Amendment “freedoms.”

“The Constitution is not a pact with the devil, nor is it a suicide pact. It is a formalized, legalistic ritual of blood sacrifice… The massacre of country music fans is…. the 273rd blood sacrifice to that one provision of the Constitution this year.” Pierce frothed.

“This makes Paddock’s unfortunate exercise of his Second Amendment freedoms the deadliest mass shooting in history. This makes Paddock’s unfortunate exercise of his Second Amendment freedoms the 273rd mass shooting in the United States this year….Paddock came well-prepared to exercise his Second Amendment freedoms on a penned-in crowd of Jason Aldean fans. And he did.” the writer added.

Yes, freedom and the Constitution are to blame for this, first and foremost. Really.

Secondly, being a Christian is also to blame, according to Pierce:

“Christians believe that the sacrifice of Christ on Calvary obviated forever the need for further blood sacrifice. However, not even that could obviate or eliminate the entirely secular desire for blood sacrifice within a society perceived to have gone astray. Christians pray to the crucified Christ. Christians also push the plungers that send the poisons into the veins of prisoners. Christians believe that atonement comes through the intercession of Jesus. Christians also believe that atonement comes from smart bombs and predator drones.”

Being a Christian didn’t seem to help any of the scores of music fans killed by the shooter. It is simply not known whether the shooter held any religious beliefs at this stage, but hey, what the hell, Christians + freedom = guns and death.

Also to blame is Donald Trump, and the NRA, according to Pierce:

“The president* and Wayne LaPierre together created an America of the mind in which blood sacrifice is the highest form of patriotism.” he wrote.

“They have taken the legitimate right of all people to self-defense and twisted it, for their own purposes, into a demand for ritual atonement on the part of an imaginary universe filled with nothing but bogeymen.” Pierce further raged, concluding that “We are all walking blood sacrifices waiting to happen.”

The column, clearly nothing more than the insensitive rantings of a far left obsessive, was celebrated and re-tweeted by celebtards like Jimmy Kimmel:

Of course, the news networks also immediately politicized the shooting, with the likes of MSNBC blaming a lack of gun control, before any facts were even known about what weapons were used or how they were obtained.

The King of fake news, Brian Williams immediately invoked Sandy Hook and asked why stricter gun control is not being passed, again before any concrete facts emerged on the murderous rampage. Williams inexplicably linked the incident to legislation currently being considered for silencers.

Another of Williams’ guests, former FBI special agent and retired New York Police Department sergeant Manny Gomez, suggested that grenades would be the next thing to be legalized.

ABC and CBS lamented the fact that the President had not called the incident a terrorist attack, despite the fact that no information had been gleaned about the shooter:

How ironic given that when Trump does call an incident a terror attack, when it is quite clearly an act of terrorism inspired by religous or political extremism, the media scolds him for ‘jumping to conclusions’.

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