French authorities are investigating the suspicious death of an Italian intelligence agent after he was found lying in a pool of his own blood and vomit with a serious wound to his chin.

According to French magazine Le Point, the agent – identified only as 50-year-old Massimo I – had been living at the hotel in the Montmartre district since May 3, arriving from Rome that day. He was carrying a business card in his name mentioning his employer as “Presidenza Del Consiglio Dei ministri,” or the Presidency of the Italian Council off Ministers, currently headed by Giuseppe Conte.

According to the report, the agent was in France on a language course.

(Photo by Daxis / Flickr)

French security sources told Le Point that Massimo I was a member of the Italian intelligence services, while the Italian Embassy in Paris says it believes he died of natural causes – and that the gaping wound could have been caused during a fall. Firefighters attempted to resuscitate him around 1:30 a.m.

The hotel room safe contained an encrypted security key, 1700 Euros ($1,900 US), a USB key, an SD card adapter and an SD card. Agence France Presse also reported that classified documents were found. AFP also added that Massimo was identified as a “high-ranking civil servant in Italian intelligence.”

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