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Dr. David R. Jones, DDS, of Castle Dental in Austin, TX, one of the first general dentists to be certified in this new technology says:

"There is an exciting new development in teeth straightening that safely and comfortably aligns teeth beautifully. The tech' is invisible, very fast, and I have seen amazing results with my staff and patients.. It involves no metal brackets or wires and is very comfortable. It actually makes the teeth prettier when in place.

One of the really amazing things is that, not only is it much more comfortable than traditional braces, it's about twice as fast.

My dental hygienist talks constantly doing oral hygiene instruction and she does this with the appliances in place. The appliance does not interfere with her speech at all, and patients don't even know she is wearing it.

I was certified to do this form of treatment by Discus Dental on behalf of Invisalign. It works wonderfully for almost all types of bite problems -- deep bites, spacing, crowding.

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