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Al-Zarqawi Dead US Government Agent
Jack Blood fills in for Alex Jones and is joined by Paul Joseph Watson and later Kurt Nimmo to discuss the death of Musab Al-Zarqawi and the bullet proof evidence that he was a Pentagon created boogeyman caricature use to take the fall for staged bombings in Iraq.
Professor Steven E. Jones
Alex welcomes BYU Physics Professor Steven Jones to discuss new revelations in the 9/11 cover-up, including the latest analysis of steel from the World Trade Center for testing of evidence of explosives.
Newsbomb Paul Joseph Watson
Alex is joined by writer, editor and webmaster of Paul Joseph Watson to discuss the latest terror raids in London and Toronto and also the nexus points for a potential false flag terror attack this summer.
Confronting 9-11 Whitewashers
Alex talks with 9/11 Truth Activist Gypsy Taub about her recent confrontation of members of the Kean Commission. Watch the video to see the bewildered reactions of the whitewashers as their high crimes are exposed.
Mass Amnesty And The End Of America
Listen as Alex Jones outlines the literal end of America following the Senate passage of Bush's mass amnesty program. The plan is the biggest amnesty ever and legalizes 25 to 30 million illegal immigrants (not the 14 million as reported).
Bilderberg 2006: Jim Tucker
Alex talks with investigative journalist Jim Tucker about the upcoming meeting of the infamous Bilderberg Group planned for next month in Canada.
The Fallacy Of Bush's Tough Border Stance
Listen to a segment from The Alex Jones Show as Alex details the fallacy of Bush's so-called tough border stance and the reality behind the open border plan to destroy America.
Immigration & The Pentagon Footage
Alex is joined by Sheriff of Zapata County TX along the Texas, Mexico border and Sheriff Rick Flores Sheriff of Webb County TX for comments on Bush's recent speech on illegal immigration and the war going on at the border. Also, Alex is joined by Mike Rivero and Paul Joseph Watson to discuss the new Pentagon footage.
Violent Immigration Riots and Stabbings
Alex Jones interviews Latino Americans For Immigration Reform spokeswoman and senatorial candidate Lupe Moreno concerning violent illegal alien invasions of schools and county buildings as well as stabbings that coincided with the supposedly 'peaceful' immigration protests.
Brave Falun Gong Protester Wang Wenyi
Alex is joined by the woman carried off from the recent Bush/Hu press conference for heckling the Chinese President over the Chinese government's abuse of Falun Gong practioners.
Former German Defense Minister 9-11 An Inside Job
Alex welcomes former German Defense Minister & former head of German Secret Service Andreas von Bulow to discuss 9/11, government sponsored terrorism, and the New World Order plan for global domination.
Sheen Censorship Dallas Hansen
Winnipeg Free Press columnist Dallas Hansen has only ever had two columns refused by his editor. They were both about Charlie Sheen and topics covered on his website.
Newsbomb Paul Joseph Watson
Alex is joined by editor and webmaster of to discuss recent developments in the 7/7 London Bombings and the empending invasion of Iran.
Forrest M. Mims, III
Alex welcomes the Editor of Citizen Scientist Magazine and Chairman of the Environmental Science Section of the Texas Academy of Science to discuss the controversial University of Texas professor who advocates the mass death of 90% of the world's human population.
Lt. Col. Dr. Robert Bowman
Alex speaks with the President of the Institute for Space and Security Studies, Executive Vice President of Millennium III Corporation, and current Reform Party Presidential Candidate who has recently joined the ranks of many other high-profile personalities and made public statements concerning the government's envolvement in 9/11.
Alex Jones discusses 9-11 on the Alan Colmes show
Alex Jones was featured on the Alan Colmes show In a segment called 'Governments Do This'. Here is part of the segment.
Audio: Jimmy Walter & William Rodriguez
9/11 survior and hero William Rodriguez and 9/11 Truth Movement pioneer and leader Jimmy Walter join Alex live from Venezuela where they have spoken with high-level members of the Chavez government about the horrible truth of what happened on 9/11.
Actor & Director Ed Asner Shares 9/11 Concerns
Award winning director, producer and actor Ed Asner is the latest high profile public figure to voice his support for Charlie Sheen's stance on 9/11 and share his own concerns about 9/11, the war in Iraq and the Neo-Cons.
Charlie Sheen 'Challenge Me On the Facts'
Charlie Sheen speaks on the record for the first time since Monday's interview in which he expressed his serious doubts about the official 9/11 story, comments which caused a firestorm of controversy and interest amongst the mainstream media.
Alex Jones Interviews Charlie Sheen
Alex welcomes actor Charlie Sheen, star of Platoon, Wall Street, Young Guns, and most recently the CBS comedy Two & a Half Men, to discuss his views on the world, 9/11 and much more.
What Really Happened Michael Rivero
Alex Jones talks with editor Michael Rivero about the real agenda behind the worldwide Muslim riots and the timetable for a military strike on Iran.
Libertarian Candidate for Congress Michael Badnarik
Alex talks with Constitutional Scholar and Libertarian Candidate for Congress Michael Badnarik about eminent domain, the constitution and his run for Congress. Michael Rivero
Alex talks with What Really editor Michael Rivero about the alternative truth movement, brainwashed pro-war imbeciles, the Dyncorp sex slave scandal and more.
NSA Spying Scandal: Wayne Madsen
Alex speaks with investigative journalist, Wayne Madsen, a nationally-distributed columnist, and author who has covered Washington, DC politics, national security, and intelligence issues since 1994. Madsen will offer some background on the recent domestic NSA spying authorized by Bush.
X-Files/Lone Gunmen Star Dean Haglund Joins Alex Jones
Alex talks with actor, comedian and former star of The X-Files and The Lone Gunmen, Dean Haglund about martial law in America and new developments in the September 11th cover-up.
Republican Congressman Says Totalitarian Regime a Danger
Former Republican Congressman and CIA official Bob Barr says that there is a danger recent developments describe a trend of America slipping into a totalitarian society and that the Bush administration are doing everything in their power to see that this happens.
Government Psychopaths: Paul Craig Roberts
Alex speaks Paul Craig Roberts, former Senior Research Fellow at the Hoover Institution, a former assistant secretary of the treasury in the Reagan Administration and prolific and popular journalist.
Alex Jones Interviews Larry Pratt
Larry Pratt, President of Gun Owners of America, discusses the forced confiscation of legally owned guns from residents of New Orleans and how this is being used to showcase the destruction of the Second Amendment on a national level.
Paul Craig Roberts on Hurricane Katrina
Roberts discusses the abject failure of the federal government in anticipating and responding to Hurricane Katrina and the consequences that should follow.

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911:  The Road to Tyranny