Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden – dubbed “Joe Hiden’” Wednesday by President Trump – emerged from his basement to deliver a speech in Wilmington, Delaware rebuking President Trump, and true to form, the entire affair was a disaster.

During his awkward speech on Wednesday, Biden lied about his delayed coronavirus response and the Portland Antifa shooting that resulted in the cold-blooded murder of a Trump supporter, all while constantly stumbling and fumbling his way through.

Throughout his remarks, Biden stammered and made several nonsensical remarks.

He also appeared confused as his handlers tried to field media questions on his behalf.

At one point, after just claiming the judicial system should “work its way” through the police shooting in Kenosha, Wisconsin, he immediately asserted that the officer who shot Blake should be charged.

Biden then added that the Antifa shooter who killed a Trump supporter in cold blood should only “be investigated.”

While speaking about President Trump’s coronavirus response, Biden backtracked on his previous calls to implement a nationwide mask mandate, and blamed Trump for the coronavirus pandemic despite a Fox News reporter noting that Biden also held rallies until March, well after the pandemic was underway in America.

Biden even admitted that as long as Trump helps people economically throughout this crisis, his own words and actions won’t have much of an impact on the electorate.

This is just another Biden speech that showcases why the Democrat Party is keen on keeping him out of public view as much as possible before Election Day.

Joe Biden finally stumbled free of his basement this week only to immediately put his foot in his mouth with another incoherent and uninspiring speech delivered to an empty auditorium.

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