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Energy Crisis or People Control? Exclusive
By Marie Gunther

In the Mid-70's an oil crisis was manufactured and perpetrated
upon an unsuspecting American public. History tends to repeat
itself because an identical situation is occurring today.

The Federal Government and its Department of Energy together with
its tax-free Foundations, for the sole purpose of controlling the
behavior of the American people, have colluded to engineer
another "energy crisis".

Every single citizen can be controlled - when a consumption
product is controlled. This same scenario applies to foreign
governments as well. That product is energy. The world is
dependent on energy - for home, office, industry, lighting,
heating, fuel, transportation and all delivery of goods.

"Price is not what they are after, even though they would like
you to believe it is. The motivating force today is control,
power, manipulation, the ability to regulate every area of life
in such a way that you can be brought completely under the
domination of the system and those who manipulate the system,"
according to best selling author Lindsey Williams.

In 1980, Lindsey Williams wrote a book called "The Energy
Non-Crisis" based upon his eyewitness accounts during the
construction of the Trans-Alaska pipeline. As a Chaplain
assigned to Executive Status and Advisory Board of Atlantic
Richfield, he was privy to detailed information.

"All of our energy problems could have been solved in the 70's
with the huge discovery of oil on Gull Island, Prudhoe Bay,
Alaska. One of the richest oil fields on earth belongs to the
American people. There is more pure grade oil there than in all
of Saudi Arabia. Gull Island contains as much oil and natural
gas as Americans could use in 200 years. Many, many other oil
fields of the same high quality crude exist throughout and around
Alaska," according to Williams

Upon the massive discovery the Federal Government immediately
ordered the rigs to be capped and the oil production shut down,
as the International Bankers scurried to take control and contain
this major news item. This feat could never have been
accomplished without the aid of an already compromised mainstream

Since that time, four Presidential Administrations have been
willing participants in robbing the American people of their
greatest treasure. The rise in energy costs is tantamount to a
Global Tax, which has served them well since the 70's. The
elevated price of gas is a form of worldwide taxation, which goes
directly into the pockets of the World Bank to fund their New
World Order.

"A small cadre of "international elite" controls the Arab world,
the American people and our Congress. OPEC is not to blame to
the price of oil per barrel. London bankers set this price
daily. These brokers wish to gain total control over the
American oil industry," Williams has stated.

"Energy brokers are a major part of the problem. These companies
buy in blocks of power from nuclear generating facilities, coal
plants, etc. They hold the huge chunks of power, as they close
down their owned facilities, ususally under the guise of
maintenance. They sell the held power for 100x's what they bought
it for. They do not produce the power, but they control it in
brokerage," according to Alaskan oilman Jim Lawler.

"Everything you hear on the evening news and out of Washington
is garbage. To hear the Environmentalists talk about the pristine
Alaskan area and 'you can't let people in' . . . eight wells
have already been drilled in the areas environmentalists are
claiming we must not go in. We have already been in and out. We
are done! There was no damage done. All we need to do is start
production," added Lawler, a 30-year, ARCO high level executive.

Americans seem confused between the definition of drilling verses
production because an Associated Press poll released February 2
found 53 percent of Americans oppose oil drilling in the Arctic
National Wildlife Refuge.

The mainstream media is mind-molding public opinion by repeatedly
showing running caribou and touting environmentalists' claims
that the caribou and other endangered species and habitats would
be destroyed.

"The Alaska Fish & Game Department just did a study on the
Porcupine Caribou in Prudhoe Bay. The size of their herds
have increased since 1969 by 35%. The pipeline area is a
protected designation and the Caribou have figured this out. They
have migrated into this area for protection", Lawler added.

A quick visit to Alaska Fish and Game confirms that bag limits
have increased to 5 per hunt on caribou, in order to decrease
herd size.

" Washington is not telling you that the wells have already been
drilled there. They are completed. No 'exploratory teams' are
necessary because it has already been done," Lawler candidly

Jim Lawler is an oil production Maintenance Manager with ARCO.
He maintains that several things can be done to reduce American
energy bills. First, the Alaskan pipeline is not, and has never
been, permitted to run at capacity. In addition, the oil
companies have been begging the Department of Energy to place a
new pipeline across Canada and connect it to the existing system
in the U.S.

"It does not behoove the Federal government and their agencies to
allow cheap energy to the American people. Using their
Foundations the pipeline across Canada has been conveniently
denied," said Lawler

Secondly, Alaska can also liquify and ship to the West Coast
immediately. Alaskan oil is of such high grade and low sulfur
content that it can be utilized at any refinery, without damage
to the environment.

"Currently 4,000 barrels a day are liquified at Prudhoe Bay, but
government regulation controls that limit," added Lawler.

Lawler confirmed the existing Alaskan pipeline was built to brace
another 4 - foot diameter pipe, which could be used for natural
gas. However, he contends that it "is not necessary because the
Alaskan pipeline has never been permitted to run at full
capacity." This begs the question; why has capacity been

This same situation can be multiplied in Wyoming, Texas and in
other oil-productive areas across the country. The oil companies
are under strict compliance not to produce.

And in a real emergency, Mr Lawler contends Hydrogen Plants can
sprout up in less than six months with just a nuclear reactor
placed at sea.

"One nuclear reactor can power all of Los Angeles," Lawler

When asked about the San Diego Nuclear Fleet being used to
relieve the California crisis he confirmed that it could be
converted for that use, but added it does not fit into their
political equation; therefore, it will never be brought up.

Mr. Lawler also reported that natural gas is not, nor has ever
been, allowed to run at full capacity. Most States have
"Production Laws" which order specified production days and
distribution limits. Natural gas is very available; in fact,
Prudhoe Bay has forty-eight, 747-Jet engines pumping 1 billion
cubic feet of Natural Gas back into the ground 24 hours a day,
365 days a year! They have no where else to put it!

"Oil and gas prices skyrocketed. Now the oil companies have the
necessary funds to either build a pipeline or a liquifying plant
- whichever they decide to do. The oil companies raised the
prices to put financial pressure on the people. This will force
the big Foundations and government agencies to back off the oil
companies because the consuming public are starting to scream.
Finally the oil companies get their pipeline and the money to pay
for it," Lawler stated in explaining the current power play
taking place.

The oil companies want their profit and the fruit of their
labor. The Government wants to control the oil companies through
regulation . . . and profit by it. The Internationalist Bankers
want all of it and are taking it through deception. As Lord
Acton so aptly stated, " Power corrupts and absolute power
corrupts absolutely".

"The American people are pawns in a game of power and control and
will be squeezed into oblivion, unless they put a stop to it
before it is too late. Until the people convey to elected
official that they know what is going on with the NWO they will
continue to be victims of the master manipulators. Every faucet
of our lives can be controlled when energy is controlled,"
concluded Lindsey Williams.

[Marie Gunther can be reached at
[email protected]

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