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(Received 1/15/01 -- During The Alex Jones Show, with Guest Suzanne Shell who spoke about Child Protective Services)

1. They tie our hands in disciplining our children by calling it abuse.

2. They take errant teens and send them to mini-military camps for delinquents and discipline them how they say we can't.

3. They create an economic system whereby our dumbed-down children cannot support a family with a dual income, let alone themselves.

4. They are encouraging the young un-marrieds to give up their children to people that can better provide for them. They do this by having programs on TV showing how the 60's and 70's unmarried mothers are now being reunited with the children they 'gave up' for their own good and how the children appreciate it.

5. Of course, if there are not enough couples to give these 'mistakes' to, then the state will have to raise them, won't they?

6. Our school system in S.E. Wisconsin is attempting to increase their land holdings to build a large recreation facility, which could be used in the future for a housing and housing compound.

7. With escalating energy prices and restrictions on the use of coal and fossil fuels for energy, coupled with higher and higher property taxes, they are pricing the cost of owning a home out of reach for our youth and causing people on fixed incomes to sell.

8. One of Clinton's last dastardly acts as president is to create a 10 member board overseeing alternative medicine. This is, of course, headed by the very same practitioners of the medical model that we alternative users have rejected. The AMA and FDA and pharmaceutical companies have a death grip handhold on our health.

9. The above is acknowledged as being even more sinister when the practices of ADM (hybrid, genetically-altered seed) is taken into account and when one sees the effects of fixing prices of produce on the American farmer.

10. The problems continue because people kill the messenger when they don't like the message. And, of course, no one trusts anyone. This is propagated in the media with programming such as "the mole" and "survivor".

America is a dying 'cash cow'. A victim of the supreme "pyramid system" based upon cheap labor and a meaningless money system. It will be replaced by some third world country that thinks it knows better. A people that believe we are flailing because of the common man's greed (when it's really corporate/ government greed). However, they believe they won't fall victim to its alure. There are noble, honorable men that have risen to the top just like cream in milk. However, I have observed that just as the scum rises to the top when things heat up, so do the greedy, opportunistic when the going gets tough. And, the scum spoils the cream.