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We here at Alex Jones Productions constantly receive emails, letters and correspondence from great listeners/viewers/web site visitors asking how they can help us in our work.

To this means, we have created this special secure paypal link, where interested visitors can donate to Alex Jones Productions.

Your donations help keep us up and running. From video tapes, to bandwidth to printer ink, our expenses are significant. Every little bit helps and we sincerely appreciate your generosity in helping us not just continue our work, but expand it. You see, we're victims of our own success. We're reaching ten times the people we were just a year ago. So please help us through our growing pains.

Those wishing to donate by mail may do so by sending their donation to:
Alex Jones
3001 S. Lamar, Suite 100
Austin, TX 78745

Other ways you can help support our work and fight the New World Order:

1. The number one way you can help us is to buy Alex's videotapes. Jammed-full of vital information, these tapes contain the information you need to wake up your friends, neighbors and local officials about what is really going on in the world. We encourage you to purchase the tapes and make copies (for educational purposes) and to give them to your Sheriff, your buddies, your Mom -- whoever needs waking up! We also offer great-looking T-shirts.

2. Visit and sign up for, the Patriot's ISP and Web Portal service. Not only will you get great unlimited dial-up Internet service, but unlike NWO Megaglobal corps. like AOL, is Pro-Second Amendment and Pro-Privacy. Perks include a great web-based email account. Your email address will reflect your patriotism and concern for the Country - (yourname)!

Thanks again for your interest in helping to support We have the best audience in the world and we appreciate you all!

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