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American Dictators: Documenting the Staged Election of 2004

BBC Reporter Greg Palast: "Alex Jones is a national treasure, a light breaking through the electronic Berlin Wall of the US media establishment."

American Dictators is a 90+ minute expose chronicling the degeneration of America's political process. Alex Jones rips away layer after layer of the false left-right paradigm and finally reveals the 2004 election for what it is -- stage managed theater that would make Shakespeare proud.

American Dictators details:

  • That Bush and Kerry are closely related on both sides of their families,
  • That Bush the Skull and Kerry the Bone have both sworn an oath to a secret society with deep connections to organized crime, intelligence agencies, and the occult.
  • That the "Order of Death" known as Skull and Bones has its members at the highest levels of every sector of the US economy -- from banking to government.

Jones travels back to the elite encampment in Northern California, the Bohemian Grove where he infiltrated and got the only video footage of the bizarre rituals conducted by the bushes and others.

American Dictators shows that while Bush and Kerry spout different rhetoric their actions are almost identical. The film also takes a revealing look at Ralph Nader, the dark horse would-be political spoiler of '04.

Alex Jones takes you to the front lines of the fight against the expanding Police State: the new Super-Patriot Act and National ID Card, as well as some of the newest and most shocking revelations surrounding the September 11th cover-up.

American Dictators is a must-see for anyone who wants to know the truth concerning how the global elite has hijacked both parties and is giving the American people a false choice. By exposing this rigged game where the global mob owns all the horses, American Dictators is able to unlock minds so then freedom loving individuals can decipher the mainstream media propaganda for what it is: a Military-Industrial complex operation.

"Long after the election of 2004 is over, American Dictators will be just as pertinent to current events as when we first released it, because it exposes the fraudulent system itself - a system that continues to repeat the same tricks over and over again. American Dictators exposes the scam." -- Alex Jones

American Dictators is available on DVD and VHS. The VHS is approximately 95 minutes long and the DVD is around 115 minutes in length. It's a great tool to inform friends, family, college or high school students. Because of the importance of this documentary we are offering some great specials so you can share American Dictators with your friends, family and community.


One DVD - $19.95
Two DVDs - $25.95 (you save $14!)
Three DVDs- $31.95 (you save $28!)
Four DVDs - $ 37.95 (you save $42!)
Five DVDs - $43.95 (you save $56!)


One VHS - $19.95
Two VHS - $29.95 (you save $9.95!)
Three VHS - $39.95 (you save $19.90!)
Four VHS - $49.95 (you save $29.85!)
Five VHS - $59.95 (you save $ 39.80!)

Order American Dictators Now!!

"We don't know the future but we've studied human history and regardless of who wins the November election in 2004 the New World Order wins."

Alex Jones

In a Dictatorship:

There is no choice. The elections are controlled. The police are the military. Fear equals control. Speech is suppressed. The economy is looted. The people are slaves.

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