Infowars Exclusive -- Detention/Training Camps
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There is massive military activity in and around the Desoto National Forest of Mississippi. Local eye- witnesses tell of Red Dawn-like scenarios with foreign military forces conducting roadblock checkpoints. These photos were sent to Alex Jones by one of his radio listeners. This is obviously some type of detention/training camp for American and Eastern block forces. This story is developing - more details coming up.
Front Entrance to SFOR Base. The speed limit sign is in kilometers, not miles.
(40 kilometers is around 25 M.P.H,).
Wide shot of the entrance to the camp. Notice the sign is in English and Russian (enlargement of sign below). The arrows point out concertina (razor wire), a weapons collections station and concrete barracudas.
A slight zoom in on the sign at the entrance. Notice the text is in both English and Russian. English text reads: "SFOR Checkpoint"



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