February 9, 2011

Notice that the reporter chooses misleading soundbites to characterize the V For Victory campaign as alarmist and lacking credibility, while portraying See Something, Say Something as rational and reasonable. When we launched the campaign, we specifically made reference to academic studies such as the one conducted by Robert Gellately of Florida State University, which documented how similar citizen spy programs in Nazi Germany resulted in people becoming informants only to settle personal scores, make money or simply create problems for people they didn’t like.

History tells us that citizen spy programs do nothing to increase “security,” they only increase the power of the state to identify and persecute political dissidents, while creating a black hole slush fund for government and partnering corporations.

Homeland Security campaign questioned

Dave Cassidy
Wednesday, February 9, 2011

WASHIINGTON, DC – Congress is questioning a new Homeland Security campaign called “If you see something, say something.”

Critics are likening it to “Big Brother is watching.”

Opponents of the campaign started a V for Victory effort, saying America is in danger of becoming a police state.

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