Carlos Miller
Aug 23, 2010

Adam Mueller of Cop Block was videotaping a motorcycle cop from a respectable distance in a New Jersey strip mall parking lot when the cop got off his bike and stormed toward him in an aggressive manner.

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The following exchange took place:

“Give me your license, insurance and registration card,” the cop ordered.

“Am I under arrest?” Mueller asked.

“Did I say that?” the cop responded.

“Am I legally required to do that?” Mueller asked.

“Yeah, if I ask you for it,” the cop lied.

“I don’t know if that’s true sir, can you show me that law,” Mueller said. “You’re getting very aggressive with me, sir, I don’t like that at all.”

“I didn’t do anything to you,” Mueller added.

“What’s your problem?” the cop asked.

“Nothing,” Mueller said.

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“What are you doing?” the cop demanded.

“I’m filming a public official, that’s what I’m doing.”

“And I’m asking you for ID,” the cop said.

“I don’t have to answer that question.”

“Oh really, you’re a lawyer now.”

The altercation was interrupted by a couple beckoning the officer to report a man who had passed out in on a nearby sidewalk.

Mueller ended up informing a sergeant who had also responded to the man passed out about the motorcycle cop’s aggressive behavior.

The motorcycle cop ended up driving towards Mueller to apologize for the incident, blaming his behavior on the fact that he had a long day.

Yes, try that excuse next time you go off on a client or customer.

“The whole point was to intimidate you to back off,” the cop eventually admitted.

Yes, we know that was the point. We just didn’t think he’d be stupid enough to admit it on camera.

Kudos to Mueller for keeping his cool and not backing down.

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