As he gears up to stand for the first time as an anti-establishment MEP candidate in the upcoming May 23 European Parliamentary elections, Tommy Robinson has once again managed to evoke the scorn of his critics.

Tommy Robinson’s offer to donate his European Parliament salary to child victims of sex grooming gangs has been slammed as “an insult to survivors of abuse” by woman’s rights groups who added that he is “no ally for the children he claims to stand up for.”

A whole host of charities, including the End Violence Against Woman and Girls Coalition, penned an open letter which unanimously rejected the offer by the former English Defence League leader, who is standing as an MEP candidate in the North West of England.

The open letter, which has garnered the signatures of well over 40 woman from influential organizations says, “those who have suffered sexual and physical abuse were failed by those who should have protected them. But Tommy Robinson is no ally for the children he claims to stand up for.”

“Tommy doesn’t care about the rights of women and girls — he is exploiting the pain of survivors and their families to fuel racist hate for his own gain. He is a misogynist and has recklessly put victims at risk for his own moment of media spotlight,” they add.

Mr. Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, made the pledge to donate his hypothetical salary two weeks ago in a video posted on his Youtube channel.

There are those however, who don’t agree with the open letter’s arguments.

The signatories zeroed in on Mr. Robinson’s alleged framing of Muslims as being the key perpetrators behind grooming gangs, saying that, “Tommy Robinson’s factually incorrect messages about ‘grooming’, and his attempt to portray himself as a champion of the cause, are an insult to survivors of abuse.”

Yet, Mr. Robinson has bitten back at the claims, reportedly saying of those woman who penned the letter that, “they need to think of the victims, not of their own politicization of the situation, that money is to go to any victims of sexual exploitation, including Muslims.”

“They are in no position to turn down the money, they shouldn’t be. They should be in the position to help victims and if that money helps victims, which it does, gets them off the waiting list for counseling, then they are playing with the victims, not me,” Robinson added.

The news comes on the heels of two separate incidents this month in which Mr. Robinson had milkshake thrown over him by critics while he was out campaigning in preparation for the 23 May European Parliamentary elections. Police are said to be investigating the incidents.

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