-- Biometrics -- The System for Total Control
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Biometrics -- The Plan for Total Control

From the Superbowl to the School Cafeteria, The Dumbed-Down Population is Already Being Conditioned to Give Up Their Privacy and Independence in Exchange for Biometrics Technologies "For Their Safety and Convenience."

With Unconstitutional Thumbscanning Requirements for Drivers Licenses in Place, the Time to Fight the Police State Machine is Now! Use Your Power as a Consumer to Make a Difference. Stand up, Speak Out!

Video: Biometric Protest Alex Jones Arrest!!!



Biometrics in the News

Visa reform bill in works
Calls for biometric info in 'smart cards' to track foreign visitors

Your Tax Dollars at Work: Biometrics center to benefit from a $29 million Department of Defense appropriation for military security
Congress has pondered the use of biometrics for driver's licenses, airport quick passes and a national identification card.

Biometric machines coming to airports
Face-recognition technology, is now being lined up for use in airports.

Germany: Parliament Faces Uphill Road in Implementing Biometric Technologies
The idea of including fingerprints in passports and national ID cards has had the most impact on the public consciousness.

Feel the Love, Fido -- Soon the Govt. Will be Forcing Your Police State Prole Owners to Take the Chip -- So They Can Track Them Like Animals -- "For Their Safety"
Microchip helps Georgia residents reunite in Anniston with lost dog

Biometrics Will Verify Identity of Visitors to U.S.
In a high-tech strategy against terrorists, the government will soon begin comparing foreign travelers with digitized photographs and will consider plans to encode their travel documents with personal data that can be read electronically

Biometric Firms Pushing Face-Scanning Technologies to Shopping Malls
Facial-recognition software makers see shopping centers and retailers as the next likely buyers for their systems

Large Airports Getting Biometric Machines
"For Their Safety..."

Memphis Airport "Bolsters Security" with Biometric Technology
Fingerprinting and background checks should be finished by the end of February

And in NC: RDU orders fingerprint biometric technology

House OKs Visa Security Legislation Requiring Visitor Passports to Be Biometrically Readable by 2003

A Surge in Demand to Use Biometrics

New Trends in Biometrics and Hardware Authentication
Hardware authentication, especially biometrics, is undergoing metamorphosis

American Banking Association: Biometrics Comes to Life
Fingers, hands, eyes, face, voice, all are in use and could relegate PIN-based security to history

Biometrics at Work
Eye scan reveals if you are too drunk, stoned or tired to work

Journalist Predicts Buck Rogers Mind-Wave Communications, with Computers Reading Brainwave Fingerprints
Herald Sun

What if the Body Piercing and Tattoo Explosion of the Past Decade Was actually Orchestrated by the Media-Medical-Industrial Complex?
Truly Embedded Chips

Grocery Store Lets Customers Pay With Their Fingers
Card Technology

Biometrics in the National Chinese ID Card
UltraCard To Supply 2 Million ID Cards To China

Belgian School Children Carry Smart Cards Instead of Cash

No Wallet Required Fingerprints May Replace Plastic, Cash
Oakland Tribune

Scottish Dogs Could Be Given ID Tattoos and Microchips

And- For Your Pet's Safety...

Tracking Us Like Rats -- What a Wonderful System! You Want Food? You Want Water? You Want to Travel Down the Road? You Must Scan!!! Oh, By the Way, Give Us Your Guns -- We Love You!!!
ID in the Blink of an Eye

Biometric Access Wins Deal with New York Agency and Puts Thumbscanners in HEB and Kroger
Austin Business Journal

Police/Government Affiliations with Biometric Use, Promotion Etc.

Biometric Cameras Everywhere

Masked Protesters Fight Face Big Brother

Face Scan Precedents Developing
As Tampa police turn cameras on Ybor City crowds, critics point to the legal questions that remain unanswered about the technology.

Colo. to 'Map' Faces of Drivers
Denver Post

Biometric Pet Chips Mandatory on Naval Base

Government Initiatives Spur Growth for Biometrics

Pentagon Lab May Give Biometrics Needed Boost

Retina Scanners Proposed for London's Heathrow Airport
The Age

Feds Funding Face Scanners

Software for Police, Others Stirs Privacy Concerns

'Dog Tag' Gets Whole New Meaning
California bill requires microchip for pets, permits for animal sales

Biometrics Companies and Companies Using Biometric Technologies

AND Company
Another Biometric Company

You Remember the Article: Cameras, Cameras Everywhere --
"Wells Fargo Banks in Dallas are installing 860 new generations of automatic teller machines that rely on the technology to recognize customers, and identify those who have defrauded the bank in the past. Las Vegas is using machines to identify those banned from gambling when they enter the gambling floors..."

Now a Listener informs us "NOT ONLY does Wells Fargo know about Biometric scanning BUT they own half of the company called InnoVentry out of San Francisco..."

From InnoVentry's Website
"Today the company has more than 850 machines located at major retail stores in 20 states. More than 1 million customers have enrolled to use the machines, and these customers have cashed more than 3.5 million checks. The RPM machines use advanced biometric facial recognition technology to identify a customer, which eliminates the need for cards or personal identification numbers (PINs)..."

Masked Protesters Fight Face Big Brother

Digital Angel

Just a Few Months Ago They Said the Digital Angel Chip Would Be Implanted Under the Skin. Now, Due to Public Backlash, They Are Now Claiming It Will Just Be Worn in a Watch or Bracelet

'Digital Angel' Set to Fly Tomorrow
Implant technology to be beta tested on humans

The Latest on Digital Angel from Applied Digital Solutions
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Digital Angel's Official Website
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Applied Digital Solutions
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Applied Digital Solutions' Digital Angel Named One of Four "Cool Products'' in Fortune Magazine's Cool List 2001
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