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40% See 2007 War With Iran As Second Carrier Deployed
Next phase of genocidal rampage in Middle East readied as deliberate destruction of Iraq continues

Prison Planet | January 4, 2007
Paul Joseph Watson

A new nationwide poll reveals that four in ten Americans predict the U.S. will go to war with Iran in 2007 as a second aircraft carrier is deployed to the Gulf, putting 5,000 more U.S. sailors in the region, bringing the total to 16,000 in a clear escalation towards a military air strike on the country.

A survey by Ipsos divulges that 40% of Americans think it "likely" that the U.S. will become involved militarily with Iran this year, 11% more than the mere 29% that see coalition troops leaving Iraq.

Concurrently, a second aircraft carrier and escort ships have been sent into the Gulf in a threatening geopolitical gesture aimed at Iran and Syria. The USS John C. Stennis strike group will deploy later this month following in the footsteps of the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower aircraft carrier group that entered the Gulf in December.

Defense Secretary Robert Gates called the move a reaffirmation that "We will be here for a long time and everybody needs to remember that."

Televangelist Pat Robertson, an influential sage of the Neo-Con war machine and an icon of its radical ideological underpinnings, has predicted turmoil in 2007 after he claimed God had told him in a conversation that major U.S. cities would suffer mass terror attacks after September that would potentially kill millions of people.

Whether Robertson is simply recycling fearmongering propaganda or not, the fact remains that Dick Cheney's USSTRATCOM contingency plan calls for attacking Iran in the immediate aftermath of a 'second 9/11' - no matter who is behind it - which of course is going to be the cabal Dick Cheney fronts for itself and the same pack of murderers that are actively seeking to initiate global ethic cleansing and genocide to bring about world war three.

Having tried and failed to do Israel's bidding in completely taking over the Middle East by organized military campaigns, the Bush administration has enacted "Plan B," a blueprint favored by the Zionist state's most bloodthirsty adherents all along, which is simply to engender mass chaos and civil war across the entire region and let Sunni and Shia Muslims kill off each other.

Israeli strategy documents dating back decades outline the method of breaking up Iraq along sectarian borders by playing the different sects off against each other by means of staged bombings, targeted assassinations and jingoistic manipulation of the political process.

The "accidental" release of the cell phone Saddam hanging video was a deliberate ploy to further escalate sectarian strife and act as a catalyst for more carnage.

President Bush's recent announcement of a "surge" of 20,000 to 30,000 more troops is not designed to win the war or create better security, it's a simple means of keeping the chaos and resentment that has sunk the country into a civil war bubbling. The first step to ending the holocaust that has claimed 655,000 lives in the last three and a half years alone would be to withdraw all U.S. forces immediately - which is why it's never going to happen as long as this criminal cabal remains in power.

The deliberate destruction of Iraq is continually masked by perceptions dutifully reinforced by the liberal and progressive media that the Bush administration's incompetence alone is to blame for the catastrophe. There's no doubt that the initial invasion and its immediate backfiring was a result of inflated imperial hubris and outright ineptitude. But events since Bush's flight suit charade offer no other conclusion than the fact that what we are seeing is order out of chaos - there is so other possible reason for the disaster of policies that leave only 5% of Iraqis feeling they are better off today than they were under Saddam.

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The house to house raids, the mass detentions, the Mosque bombings , the Saddam show trial and execution - all these measures are designed to enflame tempers and keep in place the strategy of tension.

The Neo-Con war whores have started a genocidal purge that will not be restricted by borders, rationality, "international law," nor any other usual bulwark. Our only refuge is to try and educate the Arab world that they are being manipulated by the empire's old and tried method of divide and conquer - and only through reconciliation and unity will they have a chance of providing a safe environment for their children and a region free of continued bloodshed.


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