The Secret Border Wars
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The Secret Border Wars
Mayhem and terror in Southern states to protect government drug cartels

Infowars Network | August 14, 2005
By Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones

While the threat of terrorists attacking the US is regularly one of the top news headlines on a daily basis, real terror that has already claimed the lives of 600 people this year is being routinely ignored or downplayed by the mainstream media.

Mexican drug commando organization los Zetas has been carrying out kidnappings of American citizens and politically motivated assassinations which have stretched from the border town of Nuevo Laredo through to Dallas, Houston and San Antonio all the way to Nashville, Tenn., and Atlanta, Ga.

If Al-Qaeda had infiltrated the US and carried out hundreds of assassinations and kidnappings including those of FBI and DEA agents as well as police chiefs, do you think the media would be interested? Of course they would and yet this very scenario is being played out with scant coverage in local newspapers and the occasional wire blurb.

A February 2005 wire report describes just two of the incidents that have claimed the lives of over a hundred people just in the last month.

"Federal and Dallas authorities have blamed the following incidents on the Zetas: At 1:20 a.m. on Dec. 5, a gunman stepped out of a red sports car with a semi-automatic weapon and opened fire on three suspected drug traffickers as they played pool in the open garage of a home in the 5100 block of Mimi Court in Oak Cliff. Christian Alejandro Meza, 26, alias Juan Antonio Ortega, a parolee from Wichita, Kan., who was wanted on weapons charges, died of multiple wounds to the abdomen. Two other men were severely wounded and are being held on drug charges."

"On Sept. 28, police found the bodies of Mathew Frank Geisler and Brandon Gallegos, both 19 and from Laredo, in a burning 1996 Chevrolet Tahoe in a field near the corner of Morrell Avenue and Sargent Road, in the Cadillac Heights area of Oak Cliff. Both men had been shot, and the case probably involved drugs, according to police accounts."

"A federal investigator said that "without a doubt" both incidents were carried out by the Zetas."

"We're seeing an alarming number of incidents involving the same type of violence that's become all too common in Mexico, right here in Dallas," said the former Dallas narcotics officer. "We're seeing execution style murders, burned bodies and outright mayhem. It's like the battles being waged in Mexico for turf have reached Dallas."

Los Zetas, Mexican drug commandos trained in the U.S. at the School of the Americas at Fort Benning, Georgia to be the elite "special forces" of the Mexican military are now murdering police and conducting hits all over the South West US.

The town of Nuevo Laredo is basically under a state of siege, causing the US to close their consulate in the city on August 8th, after bazookas, grenades and machine guns bombarded nearby buildings. This followed the murder of Police Chief Alejandro Dominguez, who was assassinated only hours after taking office.

Eighteen other police have been killed in Nuevo Laredo alone, along with police and border patrol on the US side.

A Mexican federal agent was also gunned down in Brownsville, Texas in late May. Violence against border patrol agents at a record high.

Los Zetas wear black military style uniforms and in every way are an organized, regimented force which poses a threat to the US ten times greater than Al-Qaeda, yet a majority of US citizens have little idea who they are or the carnage that they are causing.

On July 26 the United States renewed a travel warning for U.S. citizens crossing the border into Mexico. The U.S. ambassador in Mexico, Tony Garza, said that the violence saw no sign of abating.

With the rampage spreading further and further into the States, one would expect the US government to be doing their up most to tighten the border and protect the country from increased infiltration from the Zetas death squads.

They have done the exact opposite.

After President Bush attacked the Minutemen as "vigilantes," the Border Patrol in Arizona were ordered to stand down and not arrest people illegally crossing the border, in order to make the Minutemen look bad and ineffective.

The establishment media played their part in demonizing the Minutemen as a racist lynch mob, when in reality the Minutemen are just concerned citizens sitting in lawn chairs with binoculars, in many cases on their own land, trying to aid the border patrol in protecting America.

Bush continues to sign legislation like CAFTA and further enhancements of he FTAA, easing border controls which harm America not only economically but also make it less secure.

Why would the US government make it easier for drug smuggling death squads to enter the country? Because the US government controls los Zetas and uses it as the front group for their narco-empire.

Retired DEA Agent Celerino "Cele" Castillo III served for 12 years in the Drug Enforcement Administration where he built cases against organized drug rings in Manhattan, raided jungle cocaine labs in the amazon, conducted aerial eradication operations in Guatemala, and assembled and trained anti-narcotics units in several countries.

Castillo dismisses media reports that the los Zetas crime wave was simply a case of blowback after the US government trained them at the School of the Americas at Fort Benning, Georgia in the 70's and 80's.

Castillo affirms that truth is that they are still working for the US government in protecting drug routes to keep the wheels of Wall Street oiled. Castillo has gone on the record to state that the commandos are working directly for the US government drug cartel in carrying out hits on rival drug smugglers who aren't paying their cut.

During an appearance on the Alex Jones Show in June, Castillo outlined his claims.

Cele Castillo: "That same blueprint they used in Guatemala and in Vietnam they have now brought it to Iraq and the same Colonel who ran the death squads down in El Salvador Colonel James Steele is now running those commando unit death squads in Iraq. So basically we have the same individuals, same cell groups that were in Vietnam that came to central America and Miami and so forth and are now in Iraq and some of them are being trained here in south Texas. There's warehouses down here we're they're training more Zetas individuals that work for the cartels.

Alex Jones: "Now for those that missed that, you have evidence as a former veteran, peace officer and then head DEA agent in Latin America and you live in south Texas, that down there they are training these los Zetas groups and again they're now targeting rival cowboys that are not paying their cut, do you agree with that statement?"

Cele Castillo: "Absolutely but not only that just recently last month we had a female US customs agent driving down the highway and a couple of individuals drove up to her and just shot the hell out of the car and she got hit on the ankle and they're not gonna take any more prisoners. They're now gonna target FBI agents, DEA agents and people that were able to get away from...."

Alex Jones: "And Bush has ordered the border patrol to stand down there in the Tuscon sector because, this was official, because it was cutting in on their drug profits."

Cele Castillo: "Well exactly and now they're planning to come to south Texas and they're gonna do the same thing here in south Texas and there was a story just today in the paper which says border patrol agents say you know what we can't stop these people from coming across the border and the reason that we can't stop them is because our government is not letting us do it."

Alex Jones: "Well I read in the Brownsville paper, the Dallas Morning News you name it that they're conducting murders all over Texas and killing police officers but it's a national secret Cele, it's in regional papers....

Cele Castillo: "Well one of the most major things that people don't realize that's going on is a lot of these people getting murdered are informants for the DEA and FBI and basically people don't wanna admit the fact or let the public know that these people are informants working for the government."

Now we understand exactly why the US government is trying to keep the secret border wars under wraps, because los Zetas are their hired thugs doing their dirty work.

The Bush administration and their mouthpieces are ramming it down our throats that Al-Qaeda is about to attack and yet trained death squads are already marauding all over the southern states assassinating police and federal agents and kidnapping American citizens.

Once again it is down to us, the alternative media, to give this story some traction and prevent the terror gangs of los Zetas and their handlers, the US government, from flooding the streets of the US with more drugs and killing innocent people in cold blood.

911:  The Road to Tyranny

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911:  The Road to Tyranny