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Neo-Cons To Spin VA Massacre As Terrorist Attack
Propaganda junkies may milk "Ismail Ax" to say bloodshed was spurred by militant Islam

Prison Planet | April 18, 2007
Paul Joseph Watson

Neo-Con media cheerleaders for the Bush administration's war on terror are set to connect killer Cho Seung-Hui with militant Islam as an excuse to propagandize the notion that Monday's VA Tech Massacre was a terrorist attack.

Reports state that Seung-Hui wrote two words on his arm in red ink before carrying out the bloodbath - "Ismail Ax."

Explanations as to the meaning of the words vary but according to a Chicago Tribune report , "One popular theory spreading across the web comes from a story in the Koran, the holy book of Islam, about Ibrahim and his son, Ismail. This theory picked up speed because many bloggers wondered if the actions at Virginia Tech could be related to terrorism."

"In Islam, Ibrahim is known as the father of the prophets and, upset that people in his hometown still worshiped idols and not Allah, he smashed all but one statue in a local temple with an ax. Ibrahim's son is Ismail, who also became a prophet. Ibrahim is Arabic for Abraham, who plays a significant role in Christianity, Judaism and Islam."

In what was described as a "disturbing note" left in his dorm room, Seung-Hui outlines his motivation for gunning down 32 victims. In the screed, Seung-Hui rails against "rich kids," "debauchery" and "deceitful charlatans" on campus. Although the full contents of the note have not been made public, it is understood that the killer also expresses his hatred of Christianity. This would parallel with the explanation that "Ismail Ax" is some kind of loyalty oath to militant Islam.


Though there are other literary possibilities for explaining the meaning behind "Ismail Ax," expect war propagandists like Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh and Shaun Hannity to run hard with this angle for the rest of the week and exploit it to make the case that the VA Massacre was a terrorist attack perpetrated by an America-hating militant Muslim.

"It may be that somebody wants to give the impression Cho Seung-Hui was a Muslim," writes blogger Kurt Nimmo . "Of course, it is possible Cho Seung-Hui converted to Islam after arriving in America in 1992, although there is no mention of this in news reports. In South Korea, the Muslim population stands at an underwhelming 0.2 percent. Is it possible a reclusive and basically non-communicative South Korean student—that is if we can put credence in the story now emerging—discovered this relatively cryptic and obscure Islamic religious reference on his own, maybe at the university library? If so, why was he compelled to pen this on the inside of his arm? Did Cho Seung-Hui want us to believe he was a Muslim?"

"Or did his handlers want us to believe he was but another crazed and psychotic Muslim gunning for innocent young Americans, “rich kids” (as Cho supposedly called them) attending a highly ranked engineering college?"

By connecting the massacre to militant Islam, the fraudulent war on terror can be perpetuated as the Bush administration lines up its aircraft carriers in the Gulf for an imminent strike on Iran. The base level propaganda that "the enemy" is attacking our college kids would give the Neo-Cons all the pretext they need for selling another pre-emptive war to a dumbed down public.

This may not be the false flag we were all fearing, but it certainly puts the population in a semi-comatose state and makes the horrors perpetrated in the name of Empire look insignificant when up against the terror on our doorstep.

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