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VA Massacre Proves Government Can't Protect You
Cowardly cops with sub-machine guns hid behind trees as punk madman went on killing spree

Prison Planet | April 17, 2007
Paul Joseph Watson

The loudest message sent by what happened at Virginia Tech yesterday is that government cannot and will not protect you.

Contrast the events at VA Tech with the 1966 UT Tower shooting, which was until yesterday the deadliest shooting massacre on a University campus in America.

The shooter was Charles Whitman, an army sniper who carried out his killing spree enjoying "a nearly unassailable vantage point from which he could select and dispatch victims," according to Crime Library , armed to the teeth with an arsenal of high powered weaponry.

The Virginia killer was able to dispatch twice as many victims as Whitman despite having apparently little firearms skill, using only two relatively weak handguns and being surrounded by police and other civilians who could have attempted to apprehend him at any point.

The difference? 40 years ago cops were not cowards, they knew their job was to protect the public and they didn't hide behind trees while wearing bullet proof body armor and toting sub-machine guns, cowering in fear at the prospect of facing up to a punk with a pea-shooter.

They didn't wait for two hours as a killer roamed the campus without even warning the students.

The case of the UT Tower shooting when compared to the Virginia massacre illustrates perfectly how American men have been turned into weak yellow bellies who beg and plead for the equally spineless police to protect them in a crisis.

As soon as reports of a shooter atop the UT Tower surfaced, residents and police alike loaded up and headed straight for UT campus in a communal effort to take down the killer. Had these individuals not kept Whitman pinned back, countless more innocents would have perished.

Ray Martinez was an Austin police officer who wasn't even on duty when news of the shootings broke, but he immediately put on his uniform and rushed to the scene of the carnage.

Martinez, officer Houston McCoy, and officer Jerry Day hastily deputized citizen Allen Crum and charged up towards the observation deck to confront the killer. Martinez and McCoy burst in on Whitman, unloading eight rounds between them and silencing the shooter.

These upstanding police officers did not consider themselves brave or special for what they did, they were simply doing their job, instead of strutting around in combat gear and hiding behind trees as we witnessed yesterday.


The Virginia massacre is another painful reminder that your government cannot and will not protect you.

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