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Art Imitates Reality: Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith | November 16, 2004

In Episode II, the leader of the Senate, soon to be the Emperor, secretly controls the rebellion (or the terrorists). Using the crisis he created, he expands his war against dozens of planets. In Episode III, George Lucas expands on this theme.

How can children understand this plot, but adults can't get it when our own government has been caught using the same Hegelian tactic (September 11)? Read below for a description from the Star Wars website about how the emperor came into power and compare it to what our own government is doing:

"Palpatine's term as Chancellor ended during the rise of the Separatists, but that crisis allowed him to extend his stay in office. Once the Clone Wars erupted, the Senate's inability to efficiently wage war on scattered fronts forced him to enact executive decree after executive decree. He added amendments to the constitution funneling more power to him, effectively circumventing the bureaucracy of the Senate.

The public and the Senate willingly gave up their rights and freedoms in the name of security. Under Palpatine's guidance, the war would be won, and the Republic would be safe. The monstrous specter of General Grievous leading an assault ensured that few questioned Palpatine's growing authority.

The Jedi Council was among the wary. As an instrument of the Senate and the people, the Jedi order resisted Palpatine's direct control. This tension grew as the war escalated. Some in the Senate also quietly whispered their misgiving. Palpatine knew of a delegation of concerned Senators, and he would deal with them in time.

Palpatine instituted a military build-up unprecedented in galactic history. He created the New Order, a Galactic Empire that ruled by tyranny. The Jedi Knight s, his biggest threat, were extinguished by his greatest dark side pupil: Anakin Skywalker, who had become Darth Vader .

During the Galactic Civil War, Palpatine ruled with an iron fist. He disbanded the Imperial Senate, and passed control down to the regional governors and the military."

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911:  The Road to Tyranny