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Washington Insider: Rove Threatens Indictment Judge With 'Consequences'

Wayne Madsen | October 14, 2005

To all those who have been kind with their support for this site, thanks again so much! Now, let me report to you what I've discovered prowling Washington tonight on the CIA Leakgate story, the "October Surprise" scandal that threatens the survival of the G.W. Bush/Cheney administration.

Political insiders tracking this scandal are reporting that the GOP and neo-con political machines, which have also targeted Travis County, Texas District Attorney Ronnie Earle in retaliation for his indictments of Tom DeLay and other Texas GOP operatives, are also setting their sights on CIA Leakgate special prosecutor Patrick J. Fitzgerald.

The word inside the Beltway is that if Fitzgerald delivers indictments against senior White House officials he will face unspecified "consequences."

"It's a sign of desperation on the part of the White House and Karl Rove's machine," said one individual familiar with the case. Another informed observer pointed out that Fitzgerald "is the last guy the White House would want to threaten with retaliation."

Tomorrow, Rove is scheduled to testify for the fourth time before the grand jury investigating the CIA leak and the associated conspiracy to obstruct justice by the White House Iraq Group (WHIG)


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