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Court Rules IBM Does Not Have To Face Nazi Charges

Reuters | May 4, 2005

Note that IBM does not have to face the charges not because they aren't true but because they're 'old'. Which means that if Hitler would have escaped Germany at the end of world war two and been captured 40 years later he too would have been off the hook?

A HELVETIAN (Swiss) Court has ruled that IBM does not have to face charges that it helped the Nazis exterminate millions of people.
The lawsuit, bought against it by a Roma group, claimed the US technology giant developed Hollerith punch-card machines to help the Nazis boost the efficiency of their genocide.

According to AFX, the court has decided that the case was subject to the statute of limitations, far too elderly and let Big Blue walk free.

IBM has said that the case is groundless, saying that its German subsidiary was nationalised by the Nazis and that the parent company was in no way responsible for the way its punch-card machines were used.

However GIRCA maintains that IBM continued to deal with its customers despite the takeover. At no time did the court clear Big Blue, it just said the case was too old to hear.

The Gypsy International Recognition and Compensation Action (GIRCA) has said it will ask Geneva's appeals court to overturn the ruling.


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