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Figureheads On The Chopping Block
Big oil interests have had enough of being bashed over Iraq, Rumsfeld sacrificed, 'Democratic Revolution' a good cop/bad cop smokescreen , Two factions emerge, Is Cheney next?

Infowars.net | November 8, 2006
Steve Watson

Donald Rumsfeld's sacrifice has been a done deal for weeks and is the first scene of what insiders have dubbed a Shakespearean like play that will characterize the final years of the George W Bush administration.

As usual all the main players have their parts, yet we are about to witness the implosion of the Neoconservative movement and a possible vicious battle for power between America's corporate elite. The 'Democratic Revolution' is little more than a subplot to the greater story, the events of which have always been dictated by globalist power structures.

Alex Jones was joined on air briefly today by BBC and ABC investigative journalist Greg Palast who laid out the real reason for the demise of Donald Rumsfeld.

"Don Rumsfeld is not Commander in Chief. Don Rumsfeld did not stand up in front of the United Nations and say Saddam had WMD...If anybody is to be fired over Iraq it's the Commander in Chief" Palast fumed.

Palast asserts that Rumsfeld had already lost all his power and was simply a figurehead, a lightening rod to absorb all the ammo of the opposition. According to Palast's sources he had allied himself against the oil company forces controlling the administration, and he had crossed Dick Cheney. Greg Palast maintains that this was the information he received around a year and a half ago, and since then Rumsfeld has been simply a figurehead.

"Rummy's the puppet but the problem is the puppeteer." Palast states in his latest article .

Palast went on to reveal that the big oil companies have taken as much as they can handle with regards to the Iraq war and are calling the shots on who stays and who goes. Rumsfeld's axing is mainly down to the "Independent" Iraq study group, run by uber elitist James Baker who represents the oil cartels in taking back complete control.

"This is now saying that James Baker will have complete control over the Iraq policy. And if you don't know James Baker, he is the lawyer for Exxon mobil Corporation, he is the lawyer for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, another great democracy. The oil companies have now said that they can't even have Rumsfeld in as a figurehead." Palast declared.

James Baker has never been 'independent' or 'bipartisan', he is heavily involved with long term elite corporations such as the Carlyle Group and law firm Baker Botts, and is a staunch Bush ally, having served as Secretary of State under HW Bush and being the official family lawyer. He was an architect of the first gulf war and has been intimately involved in the current Iraq war. He also personally stole the 2000 election for George W Bush whilst acting as his chief legal advisor and overseeing the Florida recount. All these facts are simply taken from his Wikipedia bio .

Palast's analysis seems spot on the money when factored in with former NSA officer Wayne Madsen's predictions of late October. On October 24, Wayne Madsen Report wrote the following:

"There is something afoot, in a very Shakespearean way, in the White House. Preparing for a post-election massacre of the GOP and the resignation of Donald Rumsfeld as Defense Secretary, two factions are emerging within the White House. One is the neo-con faction surrounding potential scapegoat Vice President Dick Cheney. This faction includes Cheney's own staffers and his and Rumsfeld's sympathizers in the Pentagon, National Security Council, State Department, and media and think tanks. The other is the faction coalescing around the other potential scapegoat -- George W. Bush. This is the most interesting faction as it consists of George H. W. Bush and his closest friends -- James Baker III, Lee Hamilton, former CIA Director Robert Gates, Alan Simpson, Sandra Day O'Connor, and other past luminaries of the George H. W. Bush administration."

Bush's choice to replace Rumsfeld is one of his new inner-circle advisers, Robert Gates. The circling of the wagons in the pending Bush-Cheney battle has begun. Many neocons, including Richard Perle and Ken Adelman, sensing that Cheney and the neocon cause is in trouble, have recently backed down from their early cheerleading for the Iraq war.

Madsen was bang on the money, Robert Gates is Rumsfeld's replacement, and it seems daddy has stepped in to save Georgie junior from the consequences of his actions one more time. Cheney's neocon buddies, the prime example being "the prince of darkness" Richard Perle , have jumped ship like the hideous infested rats that they have always been. Scuttling off back into the shadows to wait until its safe to re-emerge again and feed.

Will Cheney be next? He has said that he will not testify before Congress if he was subpoenaed. The reason he gave was that in his world "The Vice President and President and constitutional officers don't appear before the Congress." This could be swiftly solved and Cheney made to take the fall if the Baker/Bush faction ejects him.

We are staring the New World Order in the face on this one. Think of the years and years of loyalty Rumsfeld has given to them, and try to remember for how long we despised his actions and perhaps forgot that he is fodder to them, he is the dog dirt on their shoes and they have simply flicked him off in one swift motion in order that they can carry on raping, pillaging and destroying the country for everything it is worth.

And if you thought Rumsfeld was bad, check out his replacement, Robert Gates . He served for 26 years in the CIA and the National Security Council. Under President George H.W. Bush, he served as Director of Central Intelligence and is of course firmly in the camp as he served as a member of the 'bipartisan' Iraq commission headed by James A. Baker III.

Like Baker, Gates was deeply involved in the Iran/contra affair . His testimony has been proven to be made up of lies and untruths, yet at the time it was not proven "beyond a reasonable doubt that Gates was deliberately not telling the truth" and he got off scott free, a good benchmark when taking up a position under a Bush family member.

Whilst half the country is running around ecstatically declaring a major victory, the elite power-mongers are tightening their stranglehold on America and preparing to bring out the big guns.

Gates has to be confirmed by the Senate - and if Democrats win it, this will be the first test of their supposed check and balance on Bush's Decidership.

With Nancy Pelosi firmly within the Bush faction who would bet against Gates becoming Secretary of Defense?

Greg Palast further explained why a Democratic Congress will still suit the Bush power faction:

"There are too many skeletons in the Democrats' closets and the last thing they want to do is start opening up investigations. We are going to see the new Whitewash Commission with James Baker. If you take out the President and impeach him for lying, you're gonna take out a third of the Democrat Senators with him."


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