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New Footage Re-Ignites BBC Building 7 Controversy
Reporter's audio feed interrupted again as she discusses WTC 7, earlier window shot proves footage not "blue screen" as ludicrous debunkers maintained despite BBC admission

Prison Planet | May 14, 2007
Paul Joseph Watson

More 9/11 archive footage has been unearthed of BBC correspondent Jane Standley, this time from the evening of September 11, in which her audio cuts out again - for the second time that day - when she begins to discuss Building 7.

View the clip from You Tube below - as soon as the discussion moves to the collapse of other buildings besides the twin towers, Standley's audio feed is interrupted. A mere technical glitch or a suspicious interruption considering that the feed had cut out completely earlier in the day moments before the Solomon Brothers Building fell?

Previous footage of Standley reporting on the collapse of WTC 7 before it happened as the building stands in the live shot behind her head went viral on the Internet in February , becoming one of You Tube's most viewed videos for that month (one version of the clip currently boasts 440,000 views). An additional video from BBC News 24 was uncovered, proving the collapse of Building 7 was reported over 20 minutes in advance.

The BBC were forced to acknowledge that they had made a mistake after receiving thousands of calls and e mails.

Despite the fact that the BBC admitted their error, debunkers and detractors still clung to the notion that the shot behind Standley was a "'blue screen" of a scene shot earlier in the day, and that Standley had not reported the collapse of WTC in advance.

The following video puts all of those ridiculous theories to bed - it shows Standley in front of the balcony window and is clear evidence of the fact that the later shot is live and not created with the aid of a "blue screen".

The BBC-WTC 7 fiasco has led many to allege that the media were being fed a script on 9/11 of events that had yet to take place, and that the BBC, CNN and others mistakenly jumped the gun in reporting the collapse of Building 7 before it happened.

Earlier shot of Standley in front of the balcony window.

Proving the later shot is filmed live and not the result of using a "blue screen" as some wild debunkers had claimed, despite the fact that the BBC admitted their error.

BBC News 24 also reported the collapse of Building 7 over 20 minutes in advance, and CNN reported the same thing even earlier.

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