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Charlie Sheen Reinvigorates 9/11 Truth Movement
Average Americans defend Charlie Sheen while establishment attack dogs whimper, falter, retract - Responses to hit pieces routinely show massive support for Sheen

Paul Joseph Watson/Prison Planet.com | April 1 2006

As the Charlie Sheen story ends its second week and with cookie-cutter establishment hit pieces continuing to be churned out, the attack dogs are facing an intensifying backlash from a clear majority of educated American citizens who are sick and tired of the sneering elitism of the mainstream media.

The most recent high profile attack came courtesy of government apologist and former White House media relations mouthpiece Betsy Hart, whose columns are syndicated to over 350 US newspapers.

After this website issued a rebuttal to her ridiculous assertion that people have serious doubts about 9/11because they "fear Islamic terrorism," a sweeping conspiracy theory that fails to address any of the evidence, her blog has been inundated with responses from educated individuals politely reminding her to get her facts straight before commenting on such a broad subject.

"Which is scarier? A rogue group of maniac terrorists on the other side of the globe that are willing to kill American citizens to achieve a political end or a powerful, secretive and utterly corrupt government right here at home
that is willing to do the same," asked one respondent.

Another addresses Hart's inability to comprehend that the government would stage events for political gain in citing the recent Bush Blair memo on Iraq that discussed painting a US spy plane in UN colors and goading Saddam to shoot it down to create a pretext for war.

Hart's article was immediately subject to one retraction after she claimed the Alex Jones Show had referred to her as a whore in trying to book her as a guest. This was libelous and wholly untrue, leading Scripps Howard to edit the piece hours after it had gone online. Are we to trust Hart with her research skills if she doesn't even know how to check the 'from' box in her Outlook Express?

At time of press Hart's (pictured above) blog comments section has over a hundred replies to her story and you'd be hard pushed to find one that backs her up. Obviously, we encouraged people to give her their thoughts but even before we did so the comments were still running about 90% against and a similar figure can be observed in response to the rest of the hit pieces.

An entire website, Bravo Charlie 9/11, has been created to act as a clearing house for the deluge of thanks, appreciation and support evoked for Sheen. The site already has 400 posts commending Sheen for his courageous stance.

Last Friday's article in which Charlie Sheen invited his detractors to challenge him on the facts was deliberately ignored by the sneering media elite blowhards as they continue to put forth all manner of trivial nothingness in a doomed attempt to retain their spot on the esteemed Neo-Con peanut gallery.

Junior high sophomoric meanderings about Charlie Sheen losing interest in his car and associations with Michael Jackson's ramblings about Jews ruining his life do not answer Sheen's challenge.

Put up or shut up.

Something celeb hack Marina Hyde failed to do in a piece slated for Saturday morning's London Guardian.

Hyde (pictured above) rebuts her slew of opposing e mails after her first Sheen hit piece, by pulling the bed sheets over her eyes and squealing that it was "only a bit of fun" as she again subtly equates Charlie Sheen with drug addiction by mentioning a character he played in a 20 year old movie.

Hyde tries to back-peddle by minimizing the importance of her article and yet her other pieces prove that she has written on serious topics before and her articles are viewed by a readership of hundreds of thousands in what many consider to be Britain's most respected newspaper.

Former MI5 agent David Shayler, another vocal proponent of the 9/11 truth movement, slammed Hyde (e mail) for joking about the subject in an attempt to trivialize Sheen's argument.

"Respectfully, we might be laughing at the column if it were actually funny," said Shayler.

"Your defence that it is all a bit of fun was one practised in the 80s in defence of racist, homophobic, sexist and anti-Irish jokes by a variety of bigots and psychopaths masquerading as legitimate columnists."

The tactics of the attack dogs betray total hypocrisy. They undermine Sheen on the grounds that he is not qualified to speak about 9/11, and yet when we produce Physics Professors, former White House advisors and CIA analysts, the father of Reaganomics, German Defense Ministers and Bush's former Secretary of the Treasury, highlighting the exact same evidence, they are uniformly ignored.

It took a personality of Charlie Sheen's prominence to break the dam and the floodgates have truly opened. The mainstream wriggles and squirms as every hit piece is met with a precise volley of intelligent retaliation on the part of an educated and informed majority.




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