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The Real Origins Of The 9/11 Truth Movement

Paul Joseph Watson | May 3, 2005

Infowars | May 4, 2005
By Alex Jones

Nearly four years after the tragic events of September 11th, the 9/11 Truth Movement has expanded from a small group skeptics and activists into a real political force.

Over time several individuals have sought to place themselves at the center of this unprecedented citizen campaign by declaring themselves to be its 'founders.'

Whether their motivation is fueled by malevolence or by a genuine desire to steer people toward the truth, their behavior is dangerous to the ultimate success of the movement.

Within a popular front such as this, the title of "founder" carries with it enormous authority to many people. Those who claim to have founded this movement are also claiming the moral authority to define what others should investigate, what they should focus their efforts on, and what they should believe.

Shouting at the top of my lungs, I came forward months in advance of September 11th, trying to warn the country of the sinister events on the horizon, and of the impending crime that powerful, elite members of the federal government were going to perpetrate on the American people under the guise of foreign terrorism.

Shortly after the attacks, I released the very first 9/11 film to expose the government connections to the attack. Yet, despite being first to champion the truth about 9/11, I do not seek the title of 'founder,'

I only seek to further warn others in this crusade to beware of those who would attempt to limit and control the scope of our investigations, who would tell us what we ought to believe and who would stand in the the way of our mission to expose deceit and reveal the truth.

Four years ago in May 2001, I watched a British Channel 4 documentary about Alex Jones' infiltration into Bohemian Grove. At first glance the show seemed to be a hit piece aimed at discrediting Alex and his work. But I wanted to make sure so I visited Alex's website and started listening to his radio show.

Alex was gripped with anguish and apprehension. He was talking about how the government were about to carry out an act of terrorism to bolster the construction of a police state and a new world order.

Alex dubbed his campaign 'Expose the Government Terrorists' and urged his listeners to call the White House and tell them to call off the operation.

He gave out White House switchboard numbers on his radio and television show on a daily basis.

On his television show Alex elaborated on the fact that the Globalists were about to use their asset Osama bin Laden to attack New York. Alex is not psychic. He did not have a crystal ball. He was able to make the call because he could see the conditioning in the media. Bin laden is a threat, bin Laden will attack. When bin Laden attacks, give up your rights.

This was the incessantly replayed mantra from the controlled media.

Click here for a clip from Alex's TV show, taped on July 25th 2001.

I watched all this develop before I even spoke to Alex Jones or started my own website.

Alex predicted the 9/11 attack BEFORE it happened.

On the day of the attack Alex called in to the Derry Brown show which was being broadcast on GCN before Alex's own show came on air.

Alex was adamant that the government were behind the attack. They had been conditioning the public before the attack and they had the most to gain from carrying out the attack.

While others were squabbling over issues of prior knowledge, Alex was firm in pointing the finger directly at the criminals inside the Military-Industrial Complex for being intimately involved in 9/11.

The evidence is now overwhelming and clear that this is exactly what happened.

In the days and weeks following 9/11, Alex was the first to draw attention to the crucial testimony of people like David Shippers and Greg Palast, respectable figures blowing the whistle on government connections and protection of the terrorists.

Greg Palast thanked Alex for being the only radio host to pay attention to W199I, a leaked document concerning FBI protected of groups linked to Al-Qaeda.

In mid to late 2004 several prominent self-proclaimed 9/11 ringleaders started talking about the fact that wargames were used as a cover for the operational execution of the 9/11 attack. Alex was talking about this two years beforehand in his film, Masters of Terror and again in an April 2004 television show, a clip of which can be viewed here .

I point out these examples not to lionize Alex Jones as some kind of messiah but in response to the claims of many researchers that they are the 'grandfather' of the 9/11 truth movement or words to that effect.

It is disturbing to note that in many instances these same researchers have been seen to push obvious frauds like the peak oil theory.

At least three years ago Alex Jones warned people that the establishment would allow the truth about 9/11 to get out simply because it was too big a monster to hide.

Alex pointed out however that the establishment would spin the issue to make people believe that the evil right-wing American imperialists were behind the terrorism and so the only solution would be a left-wing world government to counter them. So you would be forced to accept a false choice between a right-wing world government and a left-wing world government.

Many prominent 9/11 researchers, either unwittingly or deliberately, have promulgated this dangerous notion, stating for example that we need a 'global democracy' to defeat the evil right-wing Neo-Cons.

The fact that these individuals have been labelled the 'godfathers of the 9/11 movement' is therefore a worrying development. This has given them the credibility required to create a '9/11 orthodoxy' and marginalizes anyone who discusses 9/11 issues that THEY feel shouldn't be circulated.

We vehemently disagree with and are highly suspicious of people who claim to be the bellwether 9/11' authority figures,' especially when people like Alex Jones and others were way ahead of the curve on 9/11.

The examples presented in this article underscore our conviction on this matter.


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