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Infowars | November 15, 2005
By Alex Jones


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Bombs in the WTC

Today I had a chance to see Tucker Carlson attempt to grill BYU Physics Professor Dr. Steven Jones. Carlson implied that the Professor was aiding evil terrorists in the Middle East. He never gave the professor more than 10 seconds without interrupting him.

Professor Jones is to be commended, though, because he made the key point that buildling 7 wasn't hit by an airplane and that molten steel was found in the basements of all three buildings weeks later, when only massive amounts of thermite explosives can cause this effect.

The good news is that the controlled press is on the defensive more and more and is being forced to respond to the alternative media that, in many cases, rivals government-controlled organs or propaganda, and in some cases is now eclipsing them.

I have never seen Tucker Carson so upset. He looked like a scared little boy. His body language screamed inner conflict. You can tell that he knows that it's true and that he fought with his producers to even be able to get Jones on, and that he was supposed to attack Jones. But, whereas in the past, many of the people he attacked he disagreed with, with Jones he feels like Judas.

The only thing that even neared an effective attack on Carlson's part was his line about how a fuel oil tank under Building 7 made it collapse. The problem with this 4-year-old conspiracy theory is that FEMA has long since retracted it and now says they don't know why Buildling 7 fell.

Don't forget the Madrid building. It burned for over 36 hours, over 70 percent of its floors had 100-ft white-hot flames shooting towards the sky, yet none of its major supports even bent. Metal desks in the center of the Madrid inferno, while blackened, were still useable.




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