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Prominent Physics Professor Refutes “Official” 9/11 Story
Planes causing collapse bad science, Thermite charges suspect

Infowars | November 11, 2005


Prof. Jones' Article Questioning the 'Official Story' of 9/11

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The controlled demolition of the twin towers and building 7

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Steven E. Jones, Professor of Physics at Brigham Young University reported to the Deseret Morning News and later revealed on the Alex Jones Radio Show that through imperical research he has come to discover that the World Trade Center towers could not have possibly collapsed due to the impact of the jets that hit the buildings on September 11th. While this news may not seem particularly shocking to many in the 9-11 Truth Movement, Jones’ testimony is representative of the growing list of many prominent Americans that have gone public in recent time exposing the systematic cover-up of 9-11.

According to Professor Jones, all of the laws of science and mathematics point directly to the controlled demolition of the World Trade Center and not to fire bringing down the three towers.

Through his intensive and methodical research, Jones has come to realize that the speed and symmetry of the collapse of the WTC buildings prove that the so-called official story must be false. He points to venting or squibs (smoke puffs) present around the collapsing structures as being direct indicators of the use of pre-positioned explosives. He also noted that the way that NASA infrared satellites and aircraft were able to take photos of the burning wreckage and molten steel for weeks was indicative of a massive use of thermite in the structure.

For Jones, the real problem with the official line on 9/11 is that it relies on wrong-headed science that starts with a conclusion and seeks out evidence that supports that theory to the exclusion of all others in order to cover up what really happened on September 11th. FEMA, the 9/11 Commission, and even the National Institute of Standards and Technology had all started with the supposition that what caused the WTC collapses was the impact of the jets and their exploding fuel and ignored any and all evidence to the contrary even though their findings were “highly unlikely.”

The Deseret Morning News article reports Jones’ major points of concern:

These observations were not analyzed by FEMA, NIST nor the 9/11 Commission, he says.

• With non-explosive-caused collapse there would typically be a piling up of shattering concrete. But most of the material in the towers was converted to flour-like powder while the buildings were falling, he says. "How can we understand this strange behavior, without explosives? Remarkable, amazing — and demanding scrutiny since the U.S. government-funded reports failed to analyze this phenomenon."

• Steel supports were "partly evaporated," but it would require temperatures near 5,000 degrees Fahrenheit to evaporate steel — and neither office materials nor diesel fuel can generate temperatures that hot. Fires caused by jet fuel from the hijacked planes lasted at most a few minutes, and office material fires would burn out within about 20 minutes in any given location, he says.

• Molten metal found in the debris of the World Trade Center may have been the result of a high-temperature reaction of a commonly used explosive such as thermite, he says. Buildings not felled by explosives "have insufficient directed energy to result in melting of large quantities of metal," Jones says.

• Multiple loud explosions in rapid sequence were reported by numerous observers in and near the towers, and these explosions occurred far below the region where the planes struck, he says.

No third party was ever called on to examine ground zero and Jones lamented the government’s decision to so quickly ban any investigation of the crime scene and to haul all of the wreckage away to China before it could be examined by any third party investigators. Many like Jones are now coming forward with skepticism this such as fire engineering which went public that the WTC was a crime scene and shouldn’t have been hauled away and that fire could not possibly make towers collapse.

He also described the findings of Underwriter’s Lab and Kevin Ryan who used complex models in the testing of the collapse and revealed that it was impossible for the jet-fuel and fire alone to cause any of the three buildings to collapse

Now Jones, who is head of research in fusion and solar energy at BYU, is calling for an independent, scientific investigation that would focus on the physics of the WTC collapse and not be guided by political constraints and efforts to limit the findings to the “official story” that the buildings collapsed because a hijacked plane was crashed into them.



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