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Chairman of 9/11 Whitewash Commission sets stage for Al Qaeda Nuke Attack
Four Looks at the Thomas Kean Affair

Infowars | April 4, 2006
By Bob Dacy

Thomas Kean, the chairman of the 9/11 Commission, gave a lecture at Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas last Friday, March 31st. I was there covering the event for my local TV talk show, "The Simple Truth". A synopsis of my observations follows.

The question and answer session after the speech was anything but spontaneous. The students had been pre-selected and were prepped in a conference room before the presentation. I saw them coming out of the room, and asked one of them if they were going to be the students asking the questions. She said "yes". The Q & A was a fake.

The press conference before the speech was turned out to be a great opportunity, because literally half of the questions were hostile, and I was able to ask Mr. Kean a question about why the 9/11 Commission, on page 172 of their report, stated that the question of who bankrolled the September 11th attacks was "of little practical significance." He replied that the job cost so little money and that it was too hard to trace. So I got from Mr. Kean an admission that following the money trail in a crime that took the lives of 3000 people was "of little practical significance" because it only cost about $166 per murder and was too much of a bother to pursue. This was an astonishing red flag screaming "cover-up".

I also asked him why there is not even one word about the mysterious collapse of World Trade Center building 7 in the 9/11 Commission Report. I basically read him the riot act on building 7...no plane it it, perfectly symmetrical collapse, the FEMA report not matching Larry Silverstein's "admission" that he and the New York Fire Department control demolished it on the spur of the moment and forgot to tell anyone about it, the video evidence of explosive charges going off, the molten metal found in the basement...and Mr. Kean blew off the question! He claimed he saw no evidence of what I was saying, and said it was not part of his report. I thought to myself, "for a guy supposed to be in charge of the whole inquiry, he sure seems blissfully ignorant of the facts". A vision of the "see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil" monkeys popped into my head.

In his speech to the throngs of students, Mr. Kean kept stressing his biggest fear...that the terrorists would smuggle a nuke into this country and set it off. He recommended biometric ID cards for everyone! I thought about the Bush Administration pushing to let the Communist Chinese screen cargo coming through Panama ports, to make sure no nukes get in. The hypocrisy was almost unbearable. It is the same tired old mantra..."give up your freedom or the boogey man will get you". Mr. Kean's admissions that he is not interested in following the money trail, and that the controlled demolition of building 7 is unimportant are ample proof that 9/11 was an inside job, Kean was hired to pull the wool over the eyes of the sheep, and if we give up our liberty to these people, we will never get it back.

Sins of Commission: Thomas Kean Helps Us Remember to be Afraid

Infowars | April 4, 2006
By R. Schlickeisen

Thomas Kean is a fraud, a hack and a puppet pedaling the same weak script written for him by his overlords to throw a whitewash over the events of 9/11.

Kean held a "press conference" and recited a speech on March 31st at Southwestern University. He was undoubtedly paid very handsomely for his appearance.

The Infowars Team appeared at the press conference to question the former New Jersey governor about his commission's complete failure to reveal the truth of what happened on 9/11.

As we approached the room reserved for the meeting, we were informed that Kean was running late because he was speaking with the students who had been hand-picked to ask him questions. This of course was just after we'd been informed by a program representative in the lobby of the auditorium that Keane would have no prior knowledge of the students' questions.

Our meeting with Kean lasted precisely 14 minutes before his handlers snatched him lovingly from the room. In that incredibly short span of time Keane managed to lie through his teeth and evade our questions by coming right back around to his script every single time.

He did make a few very telling remarks though, repeating over and over again that the biggest threat right now is small nuclear devices being smuggled in across our completely unsecured borders and setting off the next escalation of the so-called war on terror (so be sure to start being afraid of that soon). The source of the material to make these fearsome nuclear devices would be none other than the former Soviet Union.

The plans for horrible terrorists to make these bombs would be easy to come by on the internet or so says the honorable Keane. By repeating over and over again that terrorists can get the plans to make nukes on the internet, he is encouraging people to fear the internet and bring along the even more corporate, sanitized and controlled internet2.

Kean reiterated that a key to the war on terror is "not making more terrorists than we can destroy," which is basically a thinly-veiled admission of the fact that all of these so-called terrorists are actually controlled by government forces. Furthermore Kean understands that in order to keep the eternal war rolling along, the number of fraudulent threats must match the number of fraudulent victories so that the population of Oceania doesn't get too suspicious.

Another take on the "Honorable" Kean's Appearance in the Lone Star State

Infowars | April 3, 2006
By Kevin Smith


9-11 Commission chair linked via oil ties to Osama's brother-in-law

Sympathy For The Devil

Remarks by Chairman Thomas H. Kean and Vice Chair Lee H. Hamilton

On Friday March 31, 2006 Southwestern University in Georgetown presented the Shilling Lecture Series- “9/11 and the War on Terror – Looking Forward” Featuring: The Honorable Thomas H. Kean.

They got the "shill" part right, but honorable, I must disagree. Although not outwardly evil as Herr Kissinger, Bush’s first choice to head the 9/11 Commission, a little digging reveals an un-American traitor compromised at all levels, ensuring the predictable findings his commission came up with.

Kean is a member of a New Jersey political dynasty going back to the 1800s; his grandfather, Hamilton Fish Kean, was an investment banker worth nearly $50 million (circa 1937!), and part of the Republican machine of J.P. Morgan. It goes without saying that Gov. Kean is a member of the CFR, he is a former chair of the Carnegie Corporation of New York, and on the board of many organizations, including the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the National Council of the World Wildlife Fund.

His own recent business ties are of the greatest concern though, namely his role as a director of Amerada Hess Corporation, a global oil consortium, who’s stock has risen from just under $50 dollars to $150 dollars a share since his appointment to Chair the 9/11 Commission. These links will explain some serious conflicts of interest: Delta Hess – Kean’s business ties to Khalid bin Mahfouz’.

Now as far as his lecture and short press conference goes, here’s the way it went. FBI couldn’t talk to the CIA, the firemen couldn’t talk to the police, blah blah blah. We heard it all before! His talking points follow this document almost verbatim:

The one point that he continued to drive home, was that he most fear’s an Al Qaeda nuclear attack on an American city, not bird-flu, not airliners, not car bombs, or even dirty bombs, it was a nuke going off in a city.

He also pushed for complete biometric identification database to keep us safe. It was his opinion that the government hadn’t done enough to implement the 9/11 Commission’s findings. When the few of us gathered at the press conference asked our questions we got nothing but lies.


Kean said that his commission didn’t look into it since there was no loss of life. He said that he had no conflicts of interest, he denied that he had a business dealings with Sheik Khalid bin Mahfouz’s Delta Oil or their joint venture- Delta Hess. Bin Mahfouz is one of the main principles behind BCCI and the funding of the Al Qaeda terror network, not to mention being the brother-in-law of Osama Bin Laden, according to former CIA director James Woolsey. When the questioning started to get hot his handler’s moved in and whisked him away. The lecture had a staged Q & A session with three sophomore students asking softball questions that he pre-screened beforehand.

Towards the end of his lecture a few members of the audience began to yell-out, "bring our troops home," and "what about WTC 7," which seemed to bring the lecture to a quick end.

After the event, in front of the main entrance, a couple rolled out a banner which read "9/11 was an Inside Job, infowars.com."

The police quickly moved them to the free speech zone, which was on the backside of the auditorium, behind a temporary fence next to the baseball diamond, where nobody would see them. One of the officers was sympathetic and accepted a 9/11 DVD.

We attended the reception and attempted to film interviews, but were stopped by the police. We did manage to interview one of the students that was allowed to ask Gov. Kean questions, she was very nice young black woman that admitted that she had questions about the events of 9/11 and admitted that her family doesn't trust George Bush.

More Thoughts on The Kean Experience

Infowars | April 3, 2006
By Aaron Dykes

During the press conference, Bob Dacy outlined all the major points on Building 7, which have drawn serious questions in the whole World Trade Center matter by many critics. Kean just brushed it all aside, saying that, "[they] didn't see any evidence of [that] kind of thing. There was not a large loss of life in that building, and it was not part of our report."

To me, it is obvious that the Kean commission failed in this respect. It is the greatest failure of a large government commission to report the truth since...the Warren commission.

The official story seemed typically satisfactory with the largely older audience and the well-groomed and hand-selected students who were allowed to question Kean. A few of the unrepresented students managed to find the far-removed locale of dissent known as the "free-speech zone" where the more realistic facets of the 9/11 operation where discussed.

This scene of debate was sparsely populated since the police relocated protestors holding up a sign that read, "9/11 Was An Inside Job" directly outside the exit of the nearly-full auditorium. That sort of uncontrollable attention is no longer permitted by campus police. They told the protestors they would have to take the sign to the "fenced-in area on the other side of the building."



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