The Tsumami Called Katrina
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The Tsumami Called Katrina

Weather Wars | August 30, 2005

Ivan and Katrina

These are both very Russian sounding names.  It has been established that the former Soviet Union (fSU) developed and boasted of weather modification technology during the 1960's and 70's with deployment against the United States coming in 1976 with the audible arrival of the woodpecker grid.  These weather operations continue to this day.

I have posted this page FAR sooner than I would like to have.  I would like to have had the post mortem of Katrina from the National Hurricane Center to work from as well as a little time/distance from the events of this week so that perspective can be maintained.  I will continue to update and add to this page in the days ahead.


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This nation has not faced an economic crisis like the one that Katrina will spark in the days and months ahead.   But that is one of the reasons Katrina was guided along the path that we all watched.  This path has resulted in maximum damage to the energy infrastructure, transportation infrastructure and to the psyche of those that are susceptible to further storms this year and in the years to follow.  Oh New Orleans! 

I fully expect one more 'event' this year to impact the United States.  My gut feeling is that it will be an earthquake >7.7 in magnitude with insured losses to exceed $25 billion. That number should have been less but presently real estate is far overvalued.

Protect your family's wealth with precious metals as the cascading effects from this disaster and from poor government fiscal managment, will have just begun to be felt.

My prayers go out to all who need a helping hand in the times ahead.

29 August 2005 1425Z    Katrina makes landfall Monday morning.  Many scalar signatures visible as the hurricane rolls over the marshy lowlands of southeastern Louisiana.

August 29, 2005 2225Z 6:25pm Eastern

Katrina is now well inland but still a category one hurricane.  Scalar geometry litters the core of this massive tropical storm.

August 28 2005 2310Z  Katrina still south of the Mississippi the evening before landfall.

28 August 2005 2310Z    A beautiful satellite presentation of the eye while below winds roar at 155mph!

29 August 2005 2310Z  A closer view and just five minutes later than the previous image.


26 August 2005 2115Z  Off of the West coast of Florida while Katrina undergoes rapid intensification.  Many, many odd holes bounded by squares.

27 August 2005 2203Z   Intensification continues in the Gulf Saturday afternoon.

29 August 2005 2032Z  Late Monday afternoon as Katrina continues her push inland.  This is the western portion of the storm displaying many holes used as anchoring points for thunderstorm development.

30 August 2005 1445Z One of the feeder bands on the eastern side of Katrina.  What caught my attention was the odd shape of the thunderstorms, but also just how similar in shape the two clusters of storms are. 

30 August 2005 2315Z  715pm Eastern A very low sun angle on the remnants of Katrina Tuesday evening reveal the intricate detail to be seen in the clouds that are made visible by the play of shadows across the cloud tops.  Note the large diagonal square across southern Indiana with the top of the square being toward the top center frame.

30 August 2005 2330Z  Note the diamond/square impression with a large and similarly shaped grouping of storms toward the north and east across southwestern Ohio.

Contrail operations have largely ceased throughout the Western US as the planes have been needed with Katrina and other tropical storms this season.   As activity in the tropics winds down expect these aircraft to return to their normal zones of operation.

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911:  The Road to Tyranny