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Second UK Indymedia server seized by police before G8

UK Inquirer | June 28, 2005

YESTERDAY, an Indymedia server in Bristol was seized by the police. An Indymedia volunter was also arrested during the raid, the organisation said.
The seizure followed demands from the Ole Bill to hand over IP details of a posting on the independent media organisation's web site.

It seems that when Indymedia said it did not "intend to voluntarily hand over information to the police as they have requested", the flatfeet arrived in force to seize the hardware.

This is the second time that law enforcement authorities have attacked Indymedia servers in the UK in the run up to a major event. Last October, just before the European Social Forum, Indymedia servers in London were seized in an "international law enforcement operation".

Next week, the G8 Summit begins in Scotland.

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