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Texas Training Pamphlet: 'Nice Guys' Who Wear Levis & Travel With Children Likely Terrorists
Says people who use cellphones and e mail should be under suspicion

Paul Joseph Watson/Prison Planet.tv | April 27 2006

A Texas Department of Public Safety Criminal Law Enforcement pamphlet gives the public characteristics to identify terrorists that include buying baby formula, beer, wearing Levi jeans, carrying identifying documents like a drivers license and traveling with women or children.

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This latest assault on common sense arrives on the back of a Virginia training manual used to help state employees recognize terrorists that listed anti-government and property rights activists as terrorists and includes binoculars, video cameras, pads and notebooks in a compendium of terrorist tools.

Shortly after 9/11 a Phoenix FBI manual that was disseminated amongst federal employees at the end of the Clinton term caused waves on the Internet after it was revealed that potential terrorists included, "defenders of the US Constitution against federal government and the UN, " and individuals who "make numerous references to the US Constitution." Lawyers everywhere cowered in fear at being shipped off to Gitmo.

If you live in Texas and you use a mobile phone, the Internet or text messaging then you could come under the scrutiny of a cadre of informants trained to identify terrorists based on those very precepts.

Why are the definitions so vague?

Because law enforcement personnel across the country have been trained to treat absolutely anything as suspicious in order to foster a return to a society not unlike the East German Stasi, where one in fifty citizens was an informant for the state.

In Alex Jones' film 9/11: The Road to Tyranny, FEMA officials give instructional classes in which they label George Washington and the founding fathers as terrorists because they killed British colonizers.

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Previous manuals of this nature highlighted any political activity as potential terrorism. This creates a climate of fear and discourages people from exercising their freedoms or becoming involved in local government affairs.

This manual goes a step further in identifying behavior endemic to any typical American family as potential terrorism.

In essence it defines the characteristics of being "normal," "nice," and wearing normal clothes and behaving in a completely normal manner ("fitting in") as benchmarks of a suspected Al-Qaeda member.

These descriptions seemingly only protect by omission a nervous suicide bomber casing a shopping mall. Everybody else in the mall behaving normally could be terrorists but the sweating, paranoid, evasive mass killer is completely above suspicion according to this preposterous manual.

In December 2003 the FBI warned Americans nationwide to be on the lookout for people reading Almanacs as this could indicate an act of terrorism in planning. Almanacs are popular glove box inventory of any vehicle and this ludicrous fearmongering was met with a raucous response from satirists and news commentators.

This manual is an unnecessary piece of anti-American trash and it should be removed from circulation immediately. Politely email the Texas Department of Public Safety and suggest this be done forthwith.


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