Police fear civilian taser popularity
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Police fear civilian taser popularity

Newslink Indiana |  February 19, 2005

RANDOLPH COUNTY, Ind. - Winchester Police said taser guns are an effective weapon, a weapon they don't want to see in the hands of the public. The department has had the taser guns for about a year.

"The tasers can definitely be dangerous if they get in the wrong hands" Officer Traci Tucker of the Winchester Police, said.


For now, the police may not have to worry about a lot people having the taser guns. Fred Ludington, owner of Ludco Gun Shop in Parker City, said he stopped selling the guns.

"Because they weren't selling, because of the price," he said.

He said when people come to buy a weapon to protect themselves they usually don't think about the taser gun.

"When people are thinking about defending themselves, they don't think about the non-lethal [option]," he said.

The police worry that if civilian taser use becomes popular the lack of regulation may be a problem.

"I believe they should be regulated like firearms," Tucker said.

Buying a taser gun does not require a background check or a wait period. Police worry that the lack of regulation is a problem, while Ludington said since the taser guns are non-lethal, they should not be regulated like firearms.

Police officers go through a training session before they can use the weapon. They also have to be tased, so they know what the shock feels like.

Tucker described the officer's reactions to being tased, "Shock, pretty intense but after 5 seconds it's totally over."

Ludington said that he believes there is a market for the guns, but he won't sell them until the price goes down.

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911:  The Road to Tyranny