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Latest Airline Terror Threat: People Who Read Books
Rocker Rollins reported for thought crime

Paul Joseph Watson/Prison Planet.com | February 17 2006

The latest example of airline security gone insane is provided by rock star and stand-up comedian Henry Rollins, who was recently reported to the Australian government for reading a book on an aeroplane.

The Australian Daily Telegraph reports,

"US rocker and writer Henry Rollins was reported to the National Security hotline during his recent Australian tour because of a book he was reading on flight to Brisbane."

"A furious Rollins was informed he was "nominated as a possible threat" for reading Jihad: The Rise Of Militant Islam In Central Asia."

"The incident happened on a flight from Auckland on the recent Big Day Out tour."

Rollins (pictured above) then received a letter from the Australian government warning him not to read such books in future. His response was to post the letter on his website and tell the Australian government to "go f***k themselves."

Last month we highlighted the case of Margaret Jackson, CEO of Quantas Airlines, who was detained by the TSA at Los Angeles airport for having aircraft diagrams in her bag.

Pregnant white women, senators and 4-year-old boys have also recently been subject to the joys of airport security.

With programs afoot to introduce the same measures to train and subway stations in both the US and the UK, horror stories of this nature will only increase in regularity.

In the UK, London subway passengers will be forced to stand in an 8 foot metal tank and have their entire body scanned. The London bombings, irrefutably carried out with the aid of the highest rungs of the British intelligence establishment, were the paper tiger the government needed to crack the whip against an increasingly skeptical population.

To this day we still have a situation where not one item of cargo that enters the plane is inspected but Grandpa has to remove his shoes because he might be a suicide bomber. Even Playmobile have got in on the act by releasing a security check-in toy, brainwashing children into accepting routine violations of their 4th amendment as normal.

Airport security is non-existent because it is directed at innocent people just trying to go about their business. Screeners are trained not to profile for fear of discrimination. How many white pregnant women, 4-year-old boys, famous rock stars and senators have hijacked planes in the last few decades?



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