Illumanti Secret Language Hidden in Plain View in Manitoba Legislature Building
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Illuminati Secret Language Hidden in Plain View in Design, Numerology and Symbolism of Manitoba Legislature Building

(from the University of Winnepeg website taken on a tour of the Manitoba Legislature Building)
Sphinx detail. One of two at the Manitoba Legislature. Photo taken Feb. 10, 2003. | February 22, 2005

As we wrote in our article: In Your Face: The Globalists' Language is Hidden in Plain View: Fascinated by symbolism and numerology, the globalists' favorite tactic is to leave blueprints to their plans "hidden in plain view." From messages delivered to the masses through the media and films to Time Warner's all-seeing eye, we are repeatedly reminded by the illuminati themselves that they are controlling us and are omnipresent."

Now, a researcher from the University of Winnipeg has come forward to say he has discovered "the Da Vinci code in stone." The Manitoba Legislature building, it seems is just one of the many public buildings designed by architects fascinated by numerology and the occult.

The website talks about the structure and design of The Grand Winnepeg Building, as the Manitoba Legislature building is called:

There are also symbols adorning the building that represent the Red River, the Assiniboine River, a pair of sphinxes, farmers planting, farmers harvesting, symbols of agriculture, art, science, industry, war, and peace. Like so many government buildings, this one sports an impressive central dome. The floor of the dome's rotunda is made from Tennessee marble, Black Vermont marble, and Verd Antique marble in the design of a Grecian key -- symbol of the search for knowledge. The dome is 240-feet high and supports the building's only lifelong resident -- the Golden Boy. While the Legislative Building may be full of politicians, leaders, movers and shakers, it's most beloved resident is the Golden Boy. Holding a torch on top of the Legislative dome, he has become one of the best known symbols of the province. This bronze statue is 13 and a half feet tall, and covered with 23 ½ carat gold. He is the work of French sculptor Georges Gardet, but spent many of his early years crisscrossing the Atlantic in the hold of a troop ship.

  • The same sculptor that made the Golden Boy is also responsible for the two life-sized bison flanking the grand staircase.
  • Each bison weighs 2,268 kilograms.
  • Legend has it that the area at the base of the grand staircase was flooded and frozen, and the bison sculptures slid in on rafts of ice in order to keep from scratching the floor.
  • The grand staircase is arranged in three flights of 13 steps made from Carrara marble. There are also 13 light bulbs in the lamps that light the rotunda, and a number of other instances where 13 were used in the construction.
  • The desks in the legislative chamber still have their original inkwells.

One doesn't have to be a researcher to see the obvious repeated 13s: 13 steps, 13 lightbulbs and "a number of other instances where 13 were used in construction," or to see other occult symbolism in this building or in any of the other public buildlings and places where the Illuminati have hidden their secret language in plain view.

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Researcher probes occult at Manitoba legislature

CTV | February 17, 2005

Manitoba's legislature might be more than a symbol of provincial authority. According to a University of Winnipeg researcher, it could be a grand symbol of the occult.

Frank Albo doesn't believe the building is a tribute to Satan, however. Rather, he is looking at the historical definition of the occult -- concerning secrets known only to a privileged few.

The building was designed and built by members of the ancient secret fraternity known as the Freemasons, and Albo believes they made it their masterpiece.

In his ongoing research into the architectural specifications of the building, Albo says he's grown convinced it is riddled with symbols typical of ancient temples.

Numbers like the recurring patterns of five, eight and 13 throughout the building's design, for example, might point to hidden meanings in the bricks.

Those numbers are part of the famous mathematical sequence discovered by the 12th-century mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci. The pattern, based on each number being the sum of the two that preceded often appears in nature -- and is considered by many to constitute a divine blueprint.

Its architectural design, the graduate student says, also mimics that of King Solomon's Temple -- where the vaunted Ark of the Covenant is said to have been buried.

The similarities go right down to the most important room in the legislature -- and the one room normally closed to the public.

The lieutenant-governor's reception room, Albo says, mimics the precise dimensions of the temple's inner sanctum, known as the Holy of Holies, where the ark was said to have been kept.

Albo believes the building, which was completed in 1920 after close to a decade of construction that ran three-times over budget, is like some sort of talisman for divine energy.

Even the day the legislature was officially opened to the public, Albo says, bears significance.

"July 15, 1920," he writes, astonished at the many meetings of male and female symbolism in the building. "This was also coincidentally the very day that the planets Venus and Mercury were in alignment."

In light of recent interest in numerology and other links to the ancient past popularized in the best-selling book, The Da Vinci Code , he's even presented his theories to the provincial government as a possible tourism-booster.

"We have a Rosetta Stone in the heart of the Canadian Prairies ... and it's hidden," Albo told The Winnipeg Sun .

"My academic career hinges on this, so I've been careful to make sure I'm not inventing things. But the coincidences start to add up to the point where you go, 'This is amazing.' Now the coincidences have so overwhelmed me that I'm mission-bound to find out what's going on."

While Albo spent the last four years poring over the building's every nook and cranny, he's had the chance to meet everyone from security guards to the premier.

Manitoba Premier Gary Doer admits there's a lot to look at.

"Everytime I walk into this building I see something I haven't seen before," he said, eager to find out what meaning lies behind it all.

"Maybe we'll have the next Da Vinci Code written out of this building."

A building of 'secret encoded clues'

Globe and Mail | February 18, 2005

Four years ago, Frank Albo was driving past the Manitoba Legislature building when he looked up on its roof and spotted a pair of stone sphinxes that stuck out in the bright blue Prairie sky.

"They are a noted Egyptian motif," recalled the 33-year-old Winnipeg native, who was studying Eastern religions. "I thought: 'What on Earth are Egyptian sphinxes doing flanking a building where laws are enacted in Manitoba?' "

Since then, his tiny discovery has led to an exhaustive investigation into the grand Winnipeg building, which he now calls "the Da Vinci code in stone."

Mr. Albo is convinced that the legislature building, which was designed in 1912 by two English architects, holds "secret encoded clues" that suggest it was built as a talisman to harness energy and ward off evil -- a sort of beacon of the occult.

From the Golden Boy statue, which famously glistens from a dome atop the building, to the pair of large bison statues that guard a massive staircase leading to the legislature, Mr. Albo said the building was constructed to the specifications of the divine blueprints of ancient temples.

He said even the lieutenant-governor's reception room was built exactly to dimensions that match those of King Solomon's inner sanctum.

"I haven't researched every legislative capital in North America, but I doubt that you will find another one that is built to Golden Mean proportions, . . . that has Hermes -- the father of all occult sciences -- on the dome and is in the centre of North America," he said.

While Mr. Albo said he received a small government grant to pursue his research after the Premier's Office was contacted two years ago about his discovery, there is a lot of skepticism about his findings.

"The buffalo is the symbol of Manitoba -- that's why there are buffaloes there," said a senior government official, who didn't want to be identified.

However, he said that the government has no problem with people studying the Winnipeg landmark, which opened to the public in 1920 and is an example of Beaux-Arts architecture. "It's certainly open to a variety of interpretations," he said.

Mr. Albo, who has been known to walk around the building wielding a tape measure, said he knows many people likely don't believe him, but he's not deterred from continuing his investigation.

"Almost every day, I'm uncovering a new clue that is leading me further down this rabbit hole," the University of Winnipeg research fellow said.

"It started as a research paper, but has turned into an Indiana Jones adventure," he said. He has been aided over the years by blueprints, special access to Masonic archives and even a person who could translate hieroglyphics that were eventually found on the two sphinxes that set off his research in the first place.

The young sleuth said that while the bestselling thriller novel The Da Vinci Code "talks about things like the Golden Mean, Masonic architecture, symbolism of secret societies -- those elements, in true proportion, are incorporated in the architecture of this building."

Mr. Albo said he's often asked why this type of symbolism would be secretly encoded in a building constructed in Winnipeg.

The fact that Manitoba's capital city is located almost exactly in the middle of the continent is a likely explanation, he said.

"What greater, more important place, to put the beacon of energy that houses the blueprint of God in divine proportion and has a representation of [the] Holy of Holies?"

Mr. Albo, who wants to write a book about his unusual discovery, is currently concentrating his research on the building's lead architect, Frank Simon, to help him solve the "great mystery" still facing him -- the all-consuming Why?

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