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UN's Promise to 'Save The World' In Return For Global Government

Prison Planet.com | January 31 2006
By Paul Joseph Watson

The first wave of the attempt to create a global government has failed. The EU constitution is dead in the water and the UN can be defined as somewhere in between a talking shop and a laughing stock.

The sands have shifted. The Clinton era move to establish the United Nations and its offshoots as a de facto world government with dictatorial control over US sovereignty was met with ferocious opposition from conservatives sick to their stomachs from eight years of moral relativism.

The establishment knew it was time to play their ace in the hole and George W. Bush, so-called conservative, was installed (not elected) as US President. Despite Bush's total and absolute abandonment of conservative principles, including increasing deficit spending beyond the level of all previous 42 administrations put together, signing legislation anathema to the Constitution, promoting global government and anti-American trade deals like CAFTA and the FTAA, and attempting to 'solve' the illegal immigration problem by legalizing all the illegal aliens, mainstream conservatives put the blinkers on and went back to sleep.

This enabled the hijacked government of the United States to step in where he UN had failed, as the enforcer of world government, and a neo-conservative plan to eliminate all 'rogue states' that did not comply was set in action. Afghanistan and Iraq are down, Iran and Syria are next.

However, it seems that some disenfranchised UN higher-ups are keen to see the organization once again assume its role at the head of the hydra.

The London Independent reports,

The most potent threats to life on earth - global warming, health pandemics, poverty and armed conflict - could be ended by moves that would unlock $7 trillion - $7,000,000,000,000 (£3.9trn) - of previously untapped wealth, the United Nations claims today.

The price? An admission that the nation-state is an old-fashioned concept that has no role to play in a modern globalised world where financial markets have to be harnessed rather than simply condemned.

The message is simple, sacrifice your national sovereignty and we will save the world!

Using the threat of environmental catastrophe and the implementation of a world tax, the UN is coming back for another bite at the cherry, an end run around national sovereignty.

Why should we even for a second consider signing over our freedom and sovereignty to a body that has been embroiled in one scandal after another?

Were the UN attempting to save the world when they used a ship chartered for peacekeepers to bring children into East Timor to be exploited as prostitutes?

Were the UN attempting to save the world when they imposed sanctions on Iraq in 1990 that directly led to the deaths of a million Iraqis, 500,000 of them children? Were they attempting to solve problems of poverty, disease and suffering when they unleashed this living hell? A price (half a million dead kids) that was "worth paying" according to Secretary of State Madeleine Albright?

Were the UN attempting to save the world in 1994 when they withdrew their peacekeepers from Rwanda, an action that directly led to the butchering of 800,000 people?

Were the UN attempting to save the world when they set up a program of prostitution and systematic rape throughout Sierra Leone's brutal 10 year civil war?

Were the UN attempting to save the world when pedophilia scandals involving their personnel emerged from all over West Africa and the Balkans? Were their intentions noble when they fired the individuals responsible for blowing the whistle and trying to save the children?

Is the UN offshoot UNESCO, an organization which so-called conservative George W. Bush signed the US back onto, pure in its efforts for mankind when it promotes unlimited abortion, the elimination of Judeo-Christian civilization, and the abolition of private property rights?

Common sense tells us that we should not negotiate with serial killers and purveyors of global genocide when they make grandiose promises to create heaven on earth.

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