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Rockefellers in Their Own Words
A Review of The Rockefellers: An American Dynasty

Infowars.com | October 8, 2007
Jay Dyer

Researchers Peter Collier and David Horowitz were granted in the late sixties and early seventies special access to the Rockefeller Family archives, at that time housed at that time in the basement of the RCA building.  Over the course of several years their efforts have given us an authorized, massive tome, documenting the family's octopus-like tentacles that influenced and controlled virtually every aspect the United States and the move towards Globalization in the course of the 20th century.  

Like David Rockefeller's recently published memoirs, the facts are undeniable.   From obsession with the occult to the founding of the United Nations to eugenics programs modeled after China, all debate on the matter should be over.

German immigrant William Avery Rockefeller came to America in the mid-19th century and was known for being con-man particularly adept at selling quack medicine (pgs. 8-9).  It was only a few years later that his son, John D. Rockefeller ‘s Standard Oil would become a monopoly.  John donated significant funds towards establishing Union Theological Seminary and the University of Chicago, which, within one generation would become major forces for the radical liberalization of Christianity in America.  John's daughter, Edith, travelled to Switzerland to study under psychoanalyst and occultist C.G. Jung, returning convinced she was the “reappearance of Akn-es-en-pa-Aten, the child bride of Pharoah” (72-73).

The next generation, particularly John David Junior, marks a significant turning point in thefurther degeneration within the family.  Through funding various endowments, John Junior was “in control of a constellation of cultural and economic institutions whose reach was international unrivaled” (135).  In fact, John had a particular interest in promoting the ecumenical movement, geared towards a controlled, one-world religion where “Confucius, Moses, Mohammed and Darwin” were all honored as saints (154).

 By the end of the 1920's, John had donated a total of over 100 million dollars to the cause.  In the 30's and 40's, David and Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller move to the fore, establishing the United Nations, SEATO and NATO as powerful forces of globalization (234-5, 292), while Nelson's CIA ties (273) and frequent trips to the Druidic, Bohemian Grove Club deserve special attention (237).

Perhaps the most shocking chapter concerns John the Third.  JDR3 took trips to China and Japan in the 30's where he decided one child policy based on eugenics and birth control should be the model in the US (284).  The Population Council was established in the 50's, which made grants to universities and institutes for the purpose of promoting Malthusianism and the myth of overpopulation preparing the way for today's “green revolution” (288-9).  Perhaps the most telling incident was JDR3's trip to Bangkok, where, when seeing the masses in destitute poverty literally groveling at his feet, he snarled, “well, that's the problem” (291).  That is, the people.

It was David Rockefeller, who in the 1960's would travel to Russia and China, establishing Chase Bank as the “correspondent bank” for these nations' central banks (428-9), thus controlling the economies through fiat currency systems like the privately owned central bank in the US.  

One might wonder what one of America's wealthiest capitalists was doing making baking deals with communist regimes.  The answer is given to the reader in a footnote, “Ever after, David would have a special cachet in Moscow…David goes through [communist] Russia and is treated royally.  Ironically, nobody knows how to revere, blandish and exalt a Rockefeller half so well as the Marxists” (428).  Well informed readers know it's not irony, since the bankers of Wall Street funded the various communist revolutions for their profit.

Culturally, America was given feminism via Abbey Rockefeller, who personally bankrolled the movement.  We read that Abbey could not stand her own femininity—she literally hated it, and thus sought to utterly destroy gender roles in the family and society (600).  

With younger cousin Stephen Rockefeller we have the most striking admission.  While claiming to have desired a distancing from the family, he writes, “I began to question the core of the family myth—that the Rockefellers are super-people…you don't violate the family…worshipping God, well, its worshipping the family.  It's the same” (615).  Collier and Horowitz have done a good service in their authorized biography—under the guise of painting the family in a wonderful light, they have actually shown them to be what we knew they were: miserable and unhappy architects of the New World Order.   



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