As Pope Nears Death; Has He Hindered Or Helped The New World Order?
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As Pope Nears Death; Has He Hindered Or Helped The New World Order?

Prison Planet | April 1, 2005

CNN SNIP : Pope John Paul II's condition remained "serious" early Friday, but he appeared to be responding well to antibiotic treatment for a urinary tract infection that caused him to develop a fever, a Vatican official said.

Thursday night, as his health deteriorated, the pontiff was given the last rites of the Roman Catholic Church, a Vatican source told CNN.


Isn't it almost BEYOND COINCIDENCE that the Pope had a feeding tube inserted and now looks to be on the verge of death?

Is it far-fetched to suggest that this is a sign from God - a message delivered as 'edtorial commentary' from the big guy upstairs? A sign that major global upheaval is again about to take place on the scale of 9/11?

Many accuse the Pope of being a New World Order shill but his recent statements were on the whole, excluding his pro-EU stance, in line with what an ANTI-GLOBALIST would say.

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But then again he was a Bilderberg attendee and not so long ago called for a New World Order so it's still an open question.

It may be the case that in the last year or so as his condition grew worse he began to regret his past actions and tried to redeem himself.


Dear Paul;

I just read your article on the website, and I would like to make a few comments:

1. The Pope, while supportive of the EU, has nevertheless been very critical of their aims. Before the signing of the EU charter, he tried to get a clause placed in the charter recognizing Europe's Christian heritage, but it was rejected. He has since withdrawn much of his support for the EU, based on its secular character I would also add that his reasons for supporting the EU have to do with concerns over Poland's economic status, not with global empire.

2. Secondly, as Jim Tucker stated on Wednesday's program, the Pope was not at the Bilderberg conference, but in his native Poland. Here's a press release from June 1999:

3. Finally, the Globalists are supposed to have life-extension machines that rejuvenate health, and expand the human lifespan beyond the expected 120 year limit. If the Pope is such a big supporter of the New World Order, then where is HIS life extension machine?



Rumor Mill News

The occult numerology symbolism in these dates cannot escape us.

Terri died on the 31st after starving to death for 13 days

that is a mirror, they do this a lot...


not to mention that 13 is a very highly important number for them...

Also, as far as the Pope goes...

IF John Paul were to die TODAY

that would make a lot of sense that they would pick today because...

ALL of the Fatima visions were given on the 13th
Sister Lucia died on the 13th
the Pope was shot on the 13th
a lot of the third secret revelations were made on the 13th...

for the Pope to die on the 31st, the mirror date to the 13th would make PERFECT sense....

Unless he can hold on till the 19th as that is a very ritually significant day for them, but no, I predict here and now that when this pope dies it will be on the 13th or on the 31st of a month. The 13th has been so highly significant in John Paul's term as Pope, it has been prevelant all through his time as head of the church.

It just might be today because after him being shot on the 13th and Lucia dying on that day, the same as the Fatima visions, it would maybe be a little too obvious to have him pass on the 13th, so they would go with the next best thing... the mirror date of the number, to keep the masses in the dark while sending the message loud and clear to those in the know.


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