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Bush Fails to Revive Free Trade Talks in Latin America Amid Mass Protests

Democracy Now | November 7, 2005

This is a major victory in protecting American sovereignty! The FTAA plan was already four years behind the NWO plan and now looks to be set back at least another five. The dark spot in this momentous victory for freedom is that the US news media refuses to cover this issue. So spread the word and let others know that the criminal attempt to usurp American sovereignty is seriously on the rocks...

President Bush's trip to Argentina ended without any agreement on reviving talks to create a regional free trade zone. On Friday, as many as 40,000 demonstrators filled the streets of Mar del Plate. We go to Argentina to speak with Beverly Keene, one of the organizers the alternative People's Summit.
President Bush failed to persuade other leaders attending the Summit of the Americas meeting in Argentina this past weekend to resume talks around achieving a hemisphere-wide free trade agreement. Bush was hoping to persuade his Latin American and Caribbean counterparts to endorse the Free Trade Area of the Americas or FTAA plan. The FTAA would be larger than the European Union but without the free flow of labor and political integration. The plan would get rid of tariffs and other barriers that limit entry of American goods and services allowing American exports to the region to bloom. Critics have spoken out against the FTAA saying that it would do little to alleviate poverty in Latin America while opening up huge markets for American companies.

Venezuelan President, Hugo Chavez has called the agreement an "annexationist plan" which would destroy local industry, roll back social safety nets and labor protections and permanently extend American political domination of the region to the economic realm. On Friday, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez led a rally of 25,000 people to protest Bush and the FTAA.


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