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Dutch TV Coverage Exposing 2007 Bilderberg Conference

JonesReport | April 24, 2007
Aaron Dykes

This may well prove to be the biggest year yet for press coverage of the Bilderberg group, much to the chagrin of its secretive and overly-influential members, as evidenced by this Dutch TV piece reporting on the upcoming meeting in Istanbul.

This is at least the second major report just leaking the location, following an interview in the Turkish paper Referans , where Paul Wolfowitz outed the location of the meeting, bragging about his involvement, as Prison Planet previously reported .

Last year's meeting in Ottawa was considered to be a breakthrough in a long-standing blackout on Bilderberg, particularly in American media, despite near-perfect attendance to the meetings by the Washington Times editors and a number of other mainstream newspapers ( survey the 2006 attendees list for more information ).

Canadian media made Bilderberg a front page story during the Ottawa conference in both mainstream press and tabloids alike; it also garnered some TV coverage.

Daniel Estulin, long-time Bilderberg reporter

This TV report covers Bilderberg's history as well. They interview Spanish journalist, author and long-time Bilderberg reporter Daniel Estulin about the group's agenda-- and while they cite the vision for a one world government with a unified currency and a cashless society as "conspiracy," they ask intelligent questions and manage not to snicker, except at the mention of a Dutch politician not considered to be influential as the clip ends.

The Dutch reporters also highlight the group's secretive nature, its refusal to make public announcements and it's influential role as kingmaker-- at least in the cases of Clinton and Blair.

The clip includes interesting archive interviews with both David Rockefeller and Prince Bernhard discussing the secretive group and its 'charismatic' former leader, Bernhard himself, who interests are now looked after by Queen Beatrix.

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