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Infowars | November 21, 2006
Transcribed by Frog

                            The people of the planet are free. Humans since the beginning of civilization have struggled against tyranny. We are here with a new declaration of independence, a declaration of free people on the planet earth resisting your tyranny. We do not want your American Union, we do not want your European Union. We wish to live in peace and be free just as you wish to have you secret meetings and be left alone. We are here at great danger and at great expense and with great courage to stand up against your enormous power. We know you are ruthless. We know you are evil. We respect your dark power.

You should know, that as you attempt to set up your world government, you're facing greater and greater problems. Your agenda is faultering. Free humans everywhere know what you are doing. The people have woken up to what you are doing. You are attempting to shut down the internet and the free press. You are failing. The cat is out of the bag. The truth of your world gevernment has now been exposed. We will expose the new world order. We will expose the global crime syndicate.

To David Rockefeller, to the Rothchilds' representatives here, to the Queen of the Netherlands, to all of you, we tell you you are not our queens, you are not our kings, you are not our gods. We do not belong to you. We are not your slaves. We stand as free humans have stood since the beginning of time against the strong men, against the thugs, against the bullies. We are here telling you we will resist the new world order. We will defeat your world government. We will defeat world taxation. We will defeat your control grid. God is on our side.

I stand before the creator of the universe and I ask the creator of the universe, as our founding fathers did in 1776, to lead guide and direct us and to give us the power and the foresight and the understanding and the will to stand against your entire agenda including your final plan of world population reduction of eighty percent that Henry Kissinger penned in 1973.

We stand here as free human beings that love our families, that want to control our own destinies. I know that you have the excuses that you claim you have to have world government to stop world war. But in truth architects of world war two are sitting in your building right now. Like Queen Beatrix, her late husband SS officer.

We are here simply trying to defend liberty. You have threatened us. You have threatened our countries, you have threatened our sovereignty. You have threatened our lively hoods. Your world government in your own statements, in your own policy reports are detrimental to the average man woman and child. You have more power and more money than you could ever spend. You own the central banks that print the money. Why, then, do you continue to dehumanize us? Why do you put mercury in the vaccines? Stani(?)sodium chloride in the water? Why? Why do you put cancer viruses in the vaccines? Why have you used depleted uranium now in four seperate nations, the equivalent of 44,000 a-bombs of uranium now in the atmosphere.
Why are you doing this? Why are you so dark? Why are you so destructive? Why are you destroying your own future?

You're arrogant. You have the sickness that elites have had throughout history in their literal, and in some cases figurative, ivory towers. You believe that you are invincible. You are your own greatest enemy. You are an enemy of humanity and the human experience and everything that we are and everything that we could be. You are threatened by the dynamic human free spirit. You are monopoly men. You monopolize the economic systems. You try to monopolize the spiritual sytems because you're threatened by independent middle classes developing their own industries that you believe will threaten your monoply of control and power.

We here, the free peoples of earth, stand against you and your wickedness. The numbers are growing everyday. Millions of people everyday wake up to what you're doing. They understand your program of control and they will resist it.

Again, we implore the creator of the universe to aid us. We pledge our lives, our bodies, our sacred honor, our treasure, all on the line, against you the neo-fascist corporate royalty. We tell you now that your abuse must end. We tell you now listen to the voices inside Bilderberg that understand the truth. We tell you now we know there's dissenting voices in your ranks who say that what you are doing is dangerous. You're hurdling the world towards world war four, as you call it.

We ask you to reconsider your wickedness and your evil. You are being led by a very dark force. You have been manipulated and deceived, yourselves. You know that at the end of your days now, many of you, that all the evil and all the power has not filled you. No matter how many wars and how much evil and wickedness you engage in you feel more and more hollow everyday.

Let me tell you now that I have no fear of you because I have already lived a wonderful life and I've lived for what's good and what's decent and what's beautiful and I believe in the human spirit. My life is overflowing. I am so incredibly happy. I am empowered. I am empowered by the life force. I am empowered by creativity and goodness and the light.

You are filled with the black pits of hell. You are filled with darkness and it will never quench your thirst. Some of you can turn back. I remember interviewing Charlotte Iserbyt whose father was a member of Skull and Bones and Bohemian Grove and as he lay on his death bed dying of cancer, the elite member, that elite member that travelled in your highest circles, repented of what he'd done and cried his guts out. And I believe that man will be in heaven. He won't be visiting where some of you are going in the depths of Hades.

The elite of the world, and that's you, have been waging war on the people, waging war on any free populations attempting to create your world government: a monopoly thought, a monopoly of science a monpoly of finance. You are destroying this species. You are dstroying our development. You are bad social engineers. You're like a lion who comes into the pride, that comes into the pride and goes after the cubs because you're theatened of them rising. You're theatened by them. You seek to feed on your own species. You are an upper predator class that is trying to engineer us and dumb us down so we are more easily fed upon.

You will and you are failing now. Your new world order will fall. Humanity will defeat you. The answer to 1984 is 1776. The answer to your 1984 world is the world of 1776.

The human spirit has always risen against tyranny. The human spirit has always overcome fear. The human spirit has always resisted the bully and we are resisting you now as we will for eternity because ideas are bullet proof. And as we all here are standing are flesh and blood the idea of human liberty and human freedom is bullet proof and you will fail.

Your children will rebel against you. Your wives will rebel against you. Your husbands wil rebel against you because the truth and decency and freedom is beautiful and is wonderful and is the holy grail you have been seeking that's been right under your nose.

Be good. Turn from your wicked ways. Say no to global government. Say no to engineering the human species into a slave state. Your tyranny has failed. You've already been defeated. You can already feel the rumblings as your supports crumble underneath you. The crisis you thouht you would create to bring in world government is the crisis that will undo your system. History shows it. You believe you are students of history, look at history. You will reach your world government. You will gain your new world order. But right as you grasp it you will feel the floor beneath you falling. At the very moment you gain the apex of your power, at the very moment you climb to the summit of that mouintain, your defeat is assured. What you seek is your undoing. You have been defeated.

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