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Presidential Katrina briefing reveals leveee sabotage

Total Information Analysis | March 2 2006

The Presidential Katrina briefing video leaked to Associated Press and now making the rounds hides the truth about what happened to New Orleans' levees in plain sight. The National Weather Center's Max Mayfield tell George W. Bush and Michael Brown in the video "I don't think anyone can tell you with any certainty right now that the levees will be topped, but that is a certain concern "

So Bush was right when he said "I don't think anybody anticipated the breach of the levees." The fear was always that a large storm surge could possibly go over the top of the levees on Lake Ponchartrain and fill the city up with water. No one (outside the black-ops community) expected that in the midst of a storm surge three feet beneath the levee tops, virtually all canal walls inside the city would be "breached" -- by obvious use of explosives.

This briefing video was almost certainly leaked to AP by former FEMA Director Brown. Brown is making the case that he was not a wholly incompetent boob, but rather a semi-competent boob stripped of all real authority and hung out to dry by Michael Chertoff.

But who was Chertoff's superior? Not Bush, who was incurious and reading off a script during this briefing. Maybe it was the guy ordering oil pipeline repairs in the middle of the night following the storm -- Dick "Fudd" Cheney.

Brown's remark that the Louisiana Superdome roof may not holg up could seem to be prescient -- a slick leak by the Brown team. Until you realise that Brown was talking about the Superdome roof in a Category 5 storm -- not the Category 2 winds that the Superdome and the canal wall levees actually did receive.





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