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Infowars.com | MAY 27, 2005 

AJ: The world in the palm of their hands Bilderberg 2005 by Daniel Estulin and I know I’m butchering that. The annual secret meeting of the Bilderberg group determines many of the headlines and news developments. You will read about it in coming months but the establishment media completed blacked it out with the exception of a half dozen high ranking members of the press who were sworn to secrecy few have ever heard of the exclusive and secretive group called the Bilderberg group. Of course this came our a few days ago. He might have missed the CNN piece where they said, oh yeah, we’re for world government, but they care about us and they do control things but that’s all right.

Mainstream news organizations boastful about their no holes barred investigative exploits have been strangely reluctant to lift the blackout curtain hiding a major event. The Bilderberg group secret annual meeting of the world’s most powerful financiers, industrialists and political figures. 2005 was a bad year for Bilderberg and its future looks gloomy. Herculean efforts to keep their meetings secret in Germany failed miserably. Bilderberg’s grief is the free world’s glory and hope for future restraining the power grabbers in the dawn of the new millennium and lets go to Daniel Estulin. Am I pronouncing your name right sir?

DE: You are sir.

AJ: Well it’s great to have you. Sorry about the technical stuff.

DE: Alex, thanks for having me on your show. I love it.

AJ: You bet. So you’re joining us from Madrid?

DE: I live in Madrid, Spain. It’s for my own safety. I’m from Toronto, Canada but I felt I’ll be safer here and I’ll probably live longer living in Madrid than in Toronto.

AJ: Well it’s good to have you on with us. Tell us a little bit about yourself and lets get into what you witnessed. I mean you pierced the veil unlike some of the media that was there of what was going on this year and who was there and some of the stuff came out of it.

DE: I’ve been doing this for 13 years and I’ve been covering the Bilderbergers’ with a friend of yours by the name of Jim Tucker from the American Free Press. I’m a Russian ex-patriot who was kicked out of the Soviet Union in 1980. My father was a dissident who fought for freedom of speech who was jailed, tortured by the KGB. Suffered two political deaths. When these people got tired of us they threw us out. We move to Canada and 12 years ago I came to Spain. My grandfather was a colonel in the KGB and the counter-intelligence in the 1950s, so I am privileged somewhat to get a lot of the information from secret service which are our best sources of information. Not only the KGB people but the MI6 people, the CIA because most of the people who work for the secret service as you probably know are patriots and they love their country and they’re doing it for the good of the nation and they’re the first ones absolutely terrified of the plans of the Bilderbergers’.

AJ: Well Jim Tucker’s talked about this over and over again. You’ve got royalty. The heads of the most powerful corporations, 150 of them usually 120 members and about 20-30 guests meeting there and Jim talks about when he gets there a few days before they kick him out of the resort he’ll talk to employees and they won’t help him but when they see how vicious and evil these people are. How you can’t look them in the eye. when they hear about their evil plans they always give him the scoop and I know you’ve had the same thing happen. So tell us what’s happened in the last 13 years and even what some of the secret service – and you’ve got a photo here of the extremely heavy protection of the most powerful men and women in the world. The Bilderberg’s are protected by the MI6, CIA Mossad, German special forces and secret police. Tell us about your 13 years of experience and what happened this year.

DE: Well I want to tell you a little bit about this year because I think pound for pound this year’s conference was the strongest in history. I mean these people are getting very, very serious. We’ll get to the talking point of the conference in a minute, but again some of the best sources that I have had over the years are the special forces of the CIA, the KGB, the MI6 the Mossad people. They’re the closest ones to whoever is in power that these people control and once that they know they can trust you they want to pass on information as quickly and as soon as they possibly can and we’re getting some very, very good intelligence. I know the last 13 years most of the things that we’ve gotten have come true. One of the things that in 1996 these people have tried to assassinate me because myself and a couple of other people we covered their plans to destroy Canada as a nation and join Canada and the United States in one greater North America through this one thing called, The Canal Water Project.

AJ: And by the way, Reuters last week admitted Pan American Union.

DE: Oh exactly that’s it. Absolutely. Again, as I said this year’s conference was the strongest in history pound for pound. I have a list of some of the power brokers – where is it, it’s right here. Just check it out some of the people who were there. Etienne Davignon who’s the Honorary Chairman of Bilderberger who’s the vice-chairman of Suez-Tractebel one of the strongest companies in Europe. This man owns most of the banks and electrical companies in Belgium. Martin Taylor the international advisor for Goldman Sachs was there. The chairman of the Deutsche Bank Josef Ackermann was there. Most of the European commissioners were there. Most of the former and present prime ministers were there as well this year. Franco Bernabe who’s a usual who’s the vice chairman of the Rothschild Europe. Their big people were there. John Brown who’s the chief—

AJ: The new world bank head Wolfowitz.

DE: Wolfowitz was there. I have – I was the only journalist who was not taking pictures one morning but I was the only journalist in the world taking photographs of these people. Wolfowitz was there. James Wolfensohn was there. Jeroen van der Veer was there who’s the head of the Royal Dutch Shell. Peter Sutherland who’s the head of the Goldman Sachs and British Petroleum. The Queen of Spain was there. The Queen of Holland was there. The Prince of Belgium was there. There was another caricature a very interesting man by the name of David Byrne who’s the World Health Organization’s Special Envoy on Global Communicable Diseases, Now—

AJ: Oh yeah, that’s going to be their big plan for control.

DE: Oh absolutely. I’m presently getting some very interesting information from the sources working for the Bilderbergers’ and for the CIA people and I’ll have the results in the next couple of weeks but I can tell you it does not smell very, very good. Who’s also there? Philippe Camus was there who’s the head of the European Air Defense. The American delegation of course David George or George David. Timothy Collins. The president of Federal Reserve Bank was there Timothy Geithner. Donald Graham from Washington Post. Your neocons Richard Haass was there. Holbrooke was there. The secretary general of NATO was there. Allan Hubbard who was the head of the ENA industries. These people sell arms to third world nation dictators for them to kill their citizens. He was there. He knows the assistant to the president for economic policy—

AJ: By the way, the sales to dictatorships and oligarchies are at record levels by the U.S. right now.

DE: Oh of course. I mean they need to this. They need the money. They need to destabilize nations. Vernon Jordan was there. Henry Kissinger, Bernard Kouchner who’s the directors and founder of Doctors Without Borders. Henry Kravis representing Kohlberg Kravis & Roberts and the very interesting thing about these people, as I live in Spain one of the top telecommunications companies here called Yuna it’s on the block and at the conference we got some very, very good information that the KKR the Kohlberg Kravis & Roberts are up there bidding on this thing and as soon as the conference ended two days later it was in all the newspapers in Spain that these people are bidding along with Goldman Sachs—

AJ: So they’re all there deciding who’s going to get all the government contracts. It’s a major scam but let’s got back to the bio weapons and how they’re scarring around gearing up for that as a pretext for martial law. That’s the intel we’ve been getting perpetually. Tell us about what you’re getting now?

DE: Biological weapons are getting a lot of information from the media. I mean this is something unprecedented this year. We have never had so much intelligence from our sources. See the rain from the moment we got there talking about a torrential downpour for the five days that I was there. It rain and continued raining from 6:00 in the morning until midnight. That’s actually the time I went to bed and one of the things about the weapons more than biological weapons, nuclear weapons and again the neocon agenda in Iran is on the agenda and it all goes back which brings to mind actually the Falklands war. Now can I talk a little bit about that?

AJ: Sure.

DE: Hello.

AJ: Yes sir go ahead.

DE: Well one of the things about the Falklands war it was an operation planned by the Rockefeller controlled Aspen Institute of Colorado and it had nothing to do about the British forces against the Argentine forces. It had to do with nuclear energy and the whole thing about Iran is these people want to prevent Iran from getting an abundant nuclear energy because this the nuclear energy generating electricity and cheap and abundant supplies. It would allow countries such as Iran and other third world countries to become independent of United States foreign aid which keeps them in servitude and this way they can begin to asset their sovereignty and again less foreign aid means less control over countries natural resources about international monetary fund and the World Bank and greater freedom and independence for the people of the nation and it’s the idea that these people developing cheap source of energy and taking charge of their destiny is revolting to the Bilderbergers’ and revolting to people like Henry Kissinger who’s there talking about this in the corridors. Not in the meeting itself because it wasn’t on the agenda but again, lunch break, coffee break, night dinner time conversations and the neocon agenda in Iran was on the agenda but again it was very interesting that Kissinger was talking about the Falklands war while these people were also talking about the upcoming conflict in Iran.

AJ: Did you get from your sources? We’ll find out after the break. I mean does it look like they may be going into Iran this summer?

DE: Not yet. I don’t have that information yet. Most of the stuff that I will have over the next two weeks will deal with some very deeper intelligence but all those things again the principal--

AJ: But you know what was being discussed?

DE: Oh absolutely it was being discussed. Not only the meeting itself it was being discussed in smaller groups. Again these people have their meetings and break into smaller groups and they have their smaller group discussions and then they pass on the agenda to the necessary people who then pass it on to a local and national government and European communities et cetera.

AJ: Yip, this is the big smoky room. We’ll be right back with our guest.


AJ: We’re talking to award winning investigative journalist Daniel Estulin and for 13 years he’s been covering the Bilderberg group. I want to keep him a little bit into the next hour so we’ve got to move quickly to cover all of this and then to get some other news and then play a few audio clips that are coming up in the next hour that believe me you don’t want to miss. Daniel continuing. When there’s no doubt for those that don’t know that Jim Tucker is able to get their agenda and then say what’s going to happen in the next year and then that gets implemented. I mean what they want is what they get and five years ago it was denied that it even existed that you were a kook. Now it’s starting to pop up in our news, but they’re telling us, yes they want world government that world government is good. Daniel what other intel did you get Jefferman’s side of this conference?

DE: I mean this is one of the most terrifying conferences I think in history at least the 13 years that I’ve been covering it. One of the biggest concerns that these people have is needless to say energy and you can expect over the next couple of years the price of oil to up to about $120 to $150 a barrel—

AJ: That’s what Tucker said that Kissinger said.

DE: Exactly. Jim and I got the same information from two different sources that the price of oil will go up. Kissinger is the one to admit it and according to my sources within the group who are actually members of the Bilderbergers’ these people live in an extractable world oil supply to be a maximum of 35 years under current development of population. However, one of the representatives of an oil cartel at a conference remarked that if we take into consideration both the population explosion and the economic growth and demand for oil in such countries as China and India we’re looking at enough oil to last for about 20 years—

AJ: Now again they’re engineering that though to claim there’s no oil and at the same time as you’ve said not letting countries develop nuclear energy to have that monopoly?

DE: Oh exactly. I mean again this is all part of the globalist plan for the new world order because slavery is free and freedom costs a lot of money and it’s not free. One of the things that they did talk about at least mention in passing was one of the ways – what these people need to do as there’s not enough oil supply they need to begin eliminating world population and that brings to mind a 1974 report commissioned by Nixon the last couple of months of his—

AJ: Yeah written by Kissinger where they talk about ordering the third world to sterilize half there women or no IMF World Bank money--

DE: Exactly. On page nine of that report, I think the second or third last paragraph of the page they’re talking about eliminating three billion people in the world and 100 million American’s before the end of 2050.

AJ: And that was declassified in 1991. Now we’ve got that on infowars.com official CIA commission report with the synopsis written by the demon the boar his real code name is but going back here I mean you just mentioned population control. Your sources are saying this came up again?

DE: This came up again at the conference. Now this isn’t the first time it has come up but it has not come up so resounding and mentioned by so many people at one time during anyone conference but they mentioned--

AJ: At the same time – at the same time though they had the WHO the head exterminator was there.

DE: Well exactly. I’m going to get more information on these people over the next couple of weeks.

AJ: But what specifically intel wise did you get on population control?

DE: I didn’t get enough information on population control to be able to tell you. I prefer to get enough leads and then to be able to put it all together, but one interesting thing about the oil depletion is I recently attended a discussion hosted by Aspen Institute in Berlin and there own neoconservative by the name of Gary Schmidt was laboring the looming showdown with the Chinese necessitating a NATO participation. Now Aspen of course belongs to the same influence here as the Bilderbergers and the Trilateral Commission.

AJ: Yeah they’re riding the horse of peak oil. They’re creating artificial scarcity. The evidence shows what they’re claiming is a fraud.

DE: Uh-huh.

AJ: Well stay there sir, we’ve got to break. We’ll be back in 70 seconds. We’ll have one more little short segment and then a little bit of another segment and I’ve got to get you back on. It’s obvious that 30-45 minutes is not enough time so stay with us. We’ll be right back. We’re learning what he found out from his sources inside Bilderberg.


AJ: I’m going to play this little ten minute poem, “A Child Rolled Into the Dark Tower Cain.” I’m going to play this clip of this poor lady who thinks everybody’s out to get her and then everybody else is racist from she’s saying is clearly racist from my TV show last night while I was actually sitting in on Texas frontline, but it really illustrates it, but that’s coming up. For the next 15 minutes or so we’re honored to have Daniel Estulin an investigative reporter. He’s written a big article here, “Powers of the U.S. and the Online Journal”, Onlinejournal.com or linked through at infowars.com and see the photos and this nine page report. He’s been there for 13 years working with Jim Tucker and others. He got a lot of inside information from sources inside the resort. Population control, oil control, WHO people about the coming pandemics. This is what he was hearing and getting from people that were serving them. Please continue Daniel with whatever areas you think are important for the listeners to know.

DE: Just a couple of things. Well first of all just to finish up on the stuff on the energy conclusion based on what these people are saying we can expect a severe downturn in the world’s economy over the next couple of years as they people try to safeguard the remaining oil supply by taking money out of peoples hands in a recession or worse a depression—

AJ: But again that’s their scam. Their excuse to consolidate the wealth. Sir, they’re creating artificial scarcity.

DE: Exactly, but again they will do it by creating a severe downturn in the world’s economy. So we could expect that over the next couple of years—

AJ: While at the same time telling us the economy’s great.

DE: Exactly, absolutely.

AJ: So you got from your sources that’s what they were saying?

DE: That’s what they were saying at the conference. We even have the names of the people but I do need to confirm that first. So I prefer to go on again and tell you who said what—

AJ: Oh yes sir okay.

DE: A couple of things we were talking – something very interesting about the NGOs. I’ve covered this three or four years ago and people were laughing at me—

AJ: That’s Non-Governmental Organizations.

DE: Exactly and calling me a radical but one of the funny things about the rise of the NGOs a development ex-president of the United States Bill Clinton called it one of the most remarkable things that have happened since the fall of the (inaudible) war. Now ironically Clinton’s statement was picked up by the Wall Street Journal one day after the beginning of the Bilderberg conference. Wall Street Journal is of course a paper that was represented at their meetings by their people such as Robert Barkley who’s the vice president or Paul Gigot who’s the editorial page editor. Now these people – I’ve written this over five years ago but the Bilderbergers’ have been debating to after the first time unelected self-appointed environmental activists live in a position of governmental authority on governing board of the agency which controls the use of atmosphere, outer space, the oceans and—

AJ: And then they can claim it’s the people because it’s some private group that they appointed. The environmentalist are going to be used to set up neo-serfdom.

DE: Exactly. Needless to say the environmental movement of course is a Rockefeller scam because to have the environmental movement you need a lot of money and only people such as Rockefeller could afford it. Now according to the sources I have within the Bilderbergers’ the status of the NGOs will be elevated even further in the future. That is in the near future. The NGO activity would include agitation at the local level. They also talked about at the conference lobbying at the national level producing studies to justify global taxation. That’s something that Jim Tucker talked a lot over the last couple of years through the UN organizations such as the global plan which is one of the Bilderbergers’ pet projects for over a decade, now I’ve talked about this over five years ago. Now the strategies toward the bands the global government agenda it would include programs to discredit individuals such as myself, such as yourself, such as Jim Tucker and organizations that—

AJ: So they openly talked about programs, hum?

DE: They openly talked about the NGOs exactly and I think this is the first time and as far back as I can remember where they actually openly talked about it at the conference.

AJ: And so NGO folks is like taking a rent-a-mob and then giving the government power and claiming it represents the people.

DE: Exactly. Now the United Nations environment program – one would be with all the environmental treaties under the jurisdiction would ultimately be governed from what I understand a special body of environmental activists chosen now look at this, only from accredited NGOs appointed by delegates to the general assembly of the United Nations who are themselves appointed by the president of the United States who is himself a pet project of the Rockefellers, CFR, Bilderberg interlocking leadership. Now this confirms—

AJ: We’ll be right back. This is incredible.


AJ: Dainel Estulin is an award winning investigative journalist who has been researching the Bilderberg group for over 13 years. Estulin was one of only two journalist in the world who witnessed and reported from beyond the heavily guarded parameter the super secret meeting at the German Rottach-Egern Munich Bavarian Germany on May 5 th & 8 th and what he got out of it was is there hammer and tongs accelerating their program. They’re frantic. Population control by the billions. Kissinger talking about this again having a world health organization there. Getting into how they’re going to script our security access to energy, to bring control, to consolidate power. You were running over this and a lot of the same stuff that Jim got but even more. Please continue sir.

DE: One of the things about the NGOs what these people are putting together in a nutshell would provide a direct route from the local on the ground they call it NGO Affiliates of national international NGOs to the highest levels of global governance. Now I’ll give you an example. The Greater Yellowstone Collation which is a group of affiliated NGOs not too long ago petitioned the World Heritage Committee of UNESCO asking for intervention in the plans of a private company to mind gold on private land near Yellowstone Park in the United States. Now the UNESCO committee did intervene on behalf of these people and immediately listed Yellowstone as World Heritage site in danger. Now under the terms of the World Heritage Convention the United States is required to protect the park even beyond the borders of the park and on to the private lands if necessary. Now all this has—

AJ: And then they link those up with other preserves. What they do is they say you can’t build on your property then the value drops then they use government money to buy it. It’s given to the Nature Conservancy and other holding groups then the restrictions are taken off and they build shopping malls, golf courses. It’s a major mafia scam and Bush just signed back on to UNESCO.

DE: That’s it. You’ve got it. Now one of the things that I got from the conference we have not yet identified the speaker but according to somebody at the conference and if this thing is implemented it will bring all the people of the world into a global neighborhood managed by a worldwide bureaucracy under the direct authority of a minute handful of appointed individuals and believed by thousands of individuals paid by accredited NGOs certified to support a belief system which to many people is unbelievable and obviously unacceptable. What else. Something else that they talked about. Something that has been off the radar screens of American newspapers is the Indonesia Malaysia standoff. It was briefly mentioned, not a conference itself but one of the coffee breaks. Now it’s a military and a political confrontation between these two nations in the petroleum rich SOLA FEC which both of these nations claim as their territorial rights was again the topic of a much animated discussion amongst several American and European Bilderbergers during the afternoon cocktail. Now an American Bilderberger according to our sources waving his cigar suggested using the United Nations to further a peace policy in the “region”. In fact the Bilderbergers at the lunch that all of them agreed that such a conflict might well give them an excuse to (INAUDIBLE) a disputed area with the United Nations peacekeepers—

AJ: And then we see articles in the New York Times a week after this and we got this from Tucker too, that oh the UN’s got to get more aggressive in enforcing peace and start invading countries.

DE: Exactly. Well one of the things about invading nations again it wasn’t mentioned per se but it was one of the topics during coffee conversations the necessity in the future to invade the United States or at least take on the United States patriots for trying to defend the nation against the New World Order—

AJ: Now stop right there from your sources – and again folks I’ve talked to Tucker. I’ve talked to others. The source we’ve got is a great reporter who works with Tucker. Tucker’s got a sterling record on these forecasts. You’re saying American patriots that are fighting this was brought up at Bilderberg?

DE: I’m sorry, what did you say again? Could you repeat that please?

AJ: Specifically repeat what you said and give us more details.

DE: What I said is that these people are playing around with the idea that when war comes - because again I have never seen such a aggression as at this year’s conference against me, against Jim. I mean these people they followed me around. I live in Madrid. So I flew from Madrid to Italy and Italy I caught a connecting flight to—

AJ: It’s got to make them angry.

DE: Very, very angry. They pulled me off the plane in Milan. Nine cops got on the plane plus four Interpole guys got on the plane. They pulled me off. They questioned me for two and a half hours. They know who I am. They have my photograph. They’ve had my photographs for the last 13 years. They told me that probably I would not be able to get into Germany because the Shangian Treaty doesn’t apply to me because I’m not a European citizen, I’m a Canadian citizen. I got into Germany. Before I got on the plane I called a few friends of my Italian journalists who made enough noise that the German foreign ministry had to come out in public to say that they had no idea who I was or why I was coming to Germany but needless to say they were not going to arrest me—

AJ: But I want to go back though because you said that sources said they’re wondering how to deal with “American Patriots” that aren’t going along with this agenda. Tell us everything you know.

DE: Well the idea again is these people are getting very, very violent and they’re getting very aggressive and they’re getting very serious. The plans are going as fast they would have like to and one of the things again it was not a discussion of one of the key topics at the Bilderberg conference but it was an afternoon chat—

AJ: You’re talking about spies. People serving coffee. What they hear in the little sidebars.

DE: Well actually we got it from the intelligence people. So I tend to believe them first of all—

AJ: Okay specifically tells us what you got from those guarding the Bilderberg.

DE: What we got from these people is that in the future there will definitely be a conflict between the New World Order the Bilderbergers and the American Patriot movement and as the United States forces the Army, the Marines, the Reserves, the National Guard most likely will not fire on their own citizens. They do need to bring in the United Nations to fight against the American Patriots and to take over the country.

AJ: This is bone shattering. You’re telling me that one of your sources in there told you this?

DE: We got it from several sources.

AJ: And regardless even if that several sources, even if their security people are trying to scare us it shows that they are talking about us and they’re being given these orders to say this so either way it’s a confirmed report.

DE: These people are very, very serious and they’re getting very, very angry. I’ve never seen such pressure cooking—

AJ: Listen that’s because their program is falling apart.

DE: Well it actually is falling apart—

AJ: Do you know that in the last month the attacks on my show from 100 quarters and major magazines and newspapers is just unbelievable. I mean we can really see this happening.

DE: I want to just take a second out and tell you Alex I think you have one of the best programs in America and I’m a faithful listener and devoted fan of everything that you do.

AJ: I didn’t know that. Well I’m honored sir. I’ve got to get you back on for several hours sometime. There’s so much to cover but any other bombshells you want to drop on us.

DE: Let me see again empowering the United Nations until it becomes (inaudible) as well as a de facto world government and advancing this globe by creating a direct United Nations tax on world citizens by taxing people of the world as was said by Jim Tucker has already mentioned in the American Free Press and his reports on the Bilderbergers and I think he must have talked to you about it as well on your show.

AJ: They’re opening calling for a world tax right now.

DE: They are exactly.

AJ: But you say they’re getting very upset. That’s what I’m seeing. I think their whole program is in trouble.

DE: Well it is in trouble but I think – I’m not exactly sure because I don’t live in the United States but I think they’re way behind schedule and they’re getting angry and I’m not exactly sure it has anything to do with Rockefeller getting very, very old and if there’s anyone behind him who’s ready to take over the whole movement but for whatever reason these people are getting very angry. They’re getting vicious.

AJ: Well that’s what Jim has said is that they’re getting old and they want to see their plan come to fruition.

DE: Oh they do. It will definitely not be in Rockefeller’s lifetime but I have never seen such anger directed at us in the 13 years that I’ve been covering this and talking to the Jim in the 30 years that he has been doing this—

AJ: Well that’s because it’s all over the news now. They can’t cover it up anymore.

DE: I hope so.

AJ: Well you know I get death threats sometimes. Have you been threatened over this?

DE: Well they tried to assassinate me in 1996 when we broke the story about them trying to take over Canada and destroy the nation and I almost walked into an elevator that didn’t have a floor in one of the skyscrapers in Toronto – one of the intelligent buildings as they call them and at that moment one of the guards was called up and suddenly took over the levers of control and actually pulled the elevator up to the floor.

AJ: Really. You went and talked to the guards and found that out?

DE: Well I talked to the police who got there and was actually save by a friend – by one of the sources who was newer to me and the police officer said to me that I was lucky to be alive because he said blind people would never walk into an elevator without first checking to make sure that the floor is there, but those who have good eyesight we just take it for granted that it is there which is why so many people fall through a shaft.

AJ: Well exactly all the time I get off on the wrong floor when I’m in a big building because as the door just opens you just go in or – the door yeah exactly. Well sir people can go to onlinejournal.com and read your amazing report and see your photographs and they can link through other sights just search your name and people can see past reports you have done for major publications. Daniel any other ways for folks to read your fine work?

DE: Actually, I’m working on a book right now on the Bilderbergers which will come out in Spain in September and we have several offers from Portugal, from Germany and I’ll be looking at the United States probably just as well to get it out. Jim Tucker has read a chapter of it and he loved it.

AJ: Well I want to have you back on. I don’t want to until September. I want to get you back on in a couple of weeks as you codify more of your reports and document them and then I want to have you back on in September okay?

DE: Thank you for having me sir.

AJ: Wow thank you so much for coming on. Take care Daniel.

DE: It is my honor. Thank you. Bye by.

AJ: Take care. There goes Daniel Estulin from Madrid, Spain and we need a transcript of this immediately. We need to merge that with the interview we did a few weeks ago with Jim Tucker when he got back. We need a transcript of that as well. We haven’t done that yet. We need that. Please help us folks to get that done. We’ll get this audio report posted by tomorrow at the latest.



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