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Free2Think | August 23, 2006

Are you concerned about the path our nation is on? Worried about the future of our already crumbling economy? Fear of losing your job? Perhaps you have recently lost your job and are wondering what you are going to do next? Have you kept your eye on the paper hoping for a career change? What opportunities do you see?

Over the road truck driver, where the only way to make a decent living is to stay gone for 3 to 4 weeks every month. Retail, department stores, Wal Mart, McDonnalds. All of these jobs that pay barely above minimum wage, which does not intend to go up anytime soon. Meanwhile the cost of fuel is outrages and the only time it goes down a few cents is when it's watered down so bad that you don't get any milage from it. Combine the situation in the middle east along with BP's slick problem in Alaska, it is easy to see fuel prices rise to 4 or more dollars per gallon before the end of the year. With that comes the price hike of everything else. While looking through your local paper and browsing all of the promissing job leads, did you happen to skim through the list of forclosures?

It becomes easy to understand why you might be worried about the future, especially if you fear losing your possible "good job". Where will you go, what would you do? How are you going to pay your bills after paying for the gas to get to work? Will the new 7 to 8 dollar an hour jobs that Bush speaks of be enough for you to make an honest living? There are always "get rich quick" programs, but those never seem to work. How will you ever achive your share of the American dream?

Fear not, we live in the days of change. We live in a new age now, an age where you lie to make yourself believe everything is ok. An age where we pretend life is perfect. If telling yourself lies does not work, there is always an unlimited supply of leagally prescribed drugs known as antidepressants. This is the age where we change our beliefs and goals and modify them in order to believe we have what we want. This is the age of the New American Dream.

There are many tips available for cutting cost and saving money in your home, and if the job ax happens to get passed down to your employer, Northwest Airlines Corp. has a few suggestions you might think about. Don't feel so bad about losing your job, while the boss is getting rich, there is always a trash can near by. You could do things like dig in the trash for your needs, or take your date for a walk in the woods!

How does that make you feel? What nerve the big wigs must have. "Thanks for making us rich with your hard work and dedication but we no longer have a job for you. By the way, I left half a sandwich in the trash for you. Pick it up on the way out. Have a nice day."

Oh, but you say you have a good job and you are a good worker, you don't need to worry about losing your job. Yea right! Look around you it is happening every day, everywhere. What do we Americans do about it? Nothing! We just simply kiss "the man's" ass and allow him to give us a good screwing minus the lube. While we are busy buying into this world trade garbage we are losing our jobs. Don't worry about it, I am sure you can get a job at Wal Mart for 8 bucks an hour. The fast food industry is growing out of control, they always have openings and the freshest trash you have ever tasted. If nothing else, you can get a job with a temp service and let them pay you half of what the job actually pays. The oportunities are endless.

This is what our nation has come to, and it's just the beginning. Don't even think you are going to get some kind of government assistance either. Sure you might meet the requirements for 75 dollars per month in food stamps, and 40 dollars per month in cash assistance, but that stuff is not reserved for you. Our government needs those funds to pay illegals to come into our country and do our jobs for a sizeable cut. Thats right, your "welfare" program that you might be forced to fall back on is going to good use. While your hard earned taxed dollars went to pay for these programs, our government, (the same government that is sending the good jobs out of our country) is giving the assistance to illegals to work at American jobs and for schooling.

Don't think you are going to be on easy street when you switch careers from an Auto worker to being homeless either. They are already forclosing on cardboard boxes, that stuff is recycle material! Many states are passing laws making it illegal to be homeless. Las Vegas now has a law making it illegal to help the homeless, which could soon be you or me. If you are caught giving food to the homeless in public there, you could face fines and even jail time. "Please do not feed the homeless, they are there for your amusement only!"

Welcome to the new American way. This is the way things are here, you can chose to ignore it all you want, but thats not going to make it go away. It is only getting worse, that is fact, not opinion. Everyday, every situation gets worse. The good jobs are going away. The rich are not just getting richer, they are getting insanely filthy rich, wile the general public is getting raped. What once was good money has become enough to barely pay the bills.

While the people wait to see if this is just the result of one criminal administration, hoping it will end, the government is passing new laws against us all. Our lack of action has enabled them to make new laws preventing you from taking action later. If you form a group to protest the price of fuel, you and your group could be put on the terror watch list. Lets not lie to ourselves either, we all know that things here are getting out of hand. Jobs are just one simple example. We all know that the current administration and the last one also, has made it possible for the good jobs to pack up and leave. What have we done about it? Nothing! We feel content to watch them go, but what happens when they are all finally gone? We will be stuck asking ourselves what happened.

We can sit here praising one side or the other. We can pretend that the Democrats will fix the situation, just like we thought the Republicans would. Wake up already, it is not going to happen. Both sides are in bed together, they all enjoy the same benefits and riches while you sink to the bottom.

In the end we will be angry, we might possibly rise against those who led us here, we will want answers. There is only one problem, the answer is already in front of us. In fact, the answer has been in our faces for generations. If we wait, we will have nobody to blame but ourselves. You can not blame government officials for doing what you have allowed them to do, it is that simple. Our lack of action allows our government to do as they please, and what they are pleased to do is get rich with oil, war, and big corporations. From the birth of this great nation it was known that it is the responsibility to keep the government in line. We the people are failing our responsibility.

Welcome to the new American dream.



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