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Newsflash...PT Boat Commander Meets Fleet Admiral, they discover they are in the same Navy.

Infowars | April 28, 2006
By Bob Dacy

In the battle against the New World Order, Alex Jones could aptly be described as a brash, young Patrol Torpedo boat commander. As the leader of a small band of fearless dedicated sailors, Jones seeks out elitist targets of opportunity and attacks them at full speed ahead, bobbing and weaving under the heavy guns of enemy return fire. Jones and his crew approach globalist targets, and launch their torpedoes with deadly accuracy.

John McManus, the President of the John Birch Society, could just as aptly be described as a battle hardened Fleet Admiral, in command of a flotilla of dedicated sailors, cautiously planning and executing long term battle plans aimed at the destruction of The New World Order's totalitarian designs for destroying the United States of America.

On April 27th, via "The Alex Jones Show", the PT Boat Commander and the Fleet Admiral finally met, and discovered that they are in the same Navy, taking orders from the same God, and fighting the same war against a common enemy.

Jones and McManus agreed that China, the darling of the United Nations, is run by by monsters, with McManus matter of factly stating , "they are barbarians, they really are", and that Chinese Communist leaders, "almost by definition, are mass murderers". The President of the John Birch Society also warned that under a one world government, America would be like China is today.

On the subject of illegal immigration, McManus pointed out that the globalists have deliberately promoted it in order to Balkanize the United States of America, with the intent of destroying it. Once again, Alex Jones was in total agreement. McManus added that the globalists plan to eliminate the border issue is to eliminate the border itself.

Asked by Jones if he thought President Bush is acting like a dictator, McManus replied, "that's true" and that "Bush now feels he is above the law".

Seas got a bit rough when Jones brought up some old bones of contention he has had with the Birch Society, but the Admiral deftly charted a course back into calmer seas when he announced that the Society had become too insular under its old leadership, which has been replaced by a re-energized group dedicated to pitching a bigger tent, to reach out to allies such as Alex Jones. On the subject of September 11th, McManus indicated a willingness to train the Birch Society guns on the issue of the World Trade Center collapses, saying "...building 7...what happened to that?...we will visit the subject..."

Jones was obviously excited about what McManus said about the changes that are taking place within the Society, especially the news of the big tent approach the JBS is now taking. Jones said, "I want to work with you guys, to see you grow", and McManus replied that he was "looking foreward to seeing the relationship continue".

If the crafty old Admiral now intends to acknowlege and appreciate the aid of an allied PT boat fleet, and if PT boat Commanders such as Alex Jones are willing to reciprocate...if the two types of warrior can now work together, the globalists are in very serious trouble.



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