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Majority Of Americans Oppose Surveillance State
90% say chip implant 'never acceptable'

Paul Joseph Watson/Prison Planet.com | April 26 2006

A new survey conducted by Computer World shows a clear majority of American citizens are opposed to government surveillance of their activities. These figures contradict claims that roughly half of Americans support domestic government wiretaps.

Polls consistently cited by proponents of the notion that President Bush is effectively above the law and can wiretap American citizens without a warrant show a slim majority support such unconstitutional measures.

A late 2005 Rasmussen poll said 64% believed the government should have the power to intercept domestic phone calls. As usual, people are intentionally misled by the way the question is framed. Mention the word 'terrorist' and some will temporarily switch off their brains and stand in line on any issue.

But when the question is stripped down to its bare bones public sentiment remains steadfastly against big brother.

71% of respondents in the Computer World poll said that government wiretaps were "never acceptable."

90% of respondents said implanted ID chips were "never acceptable."

76% believe that anonymity is important and that surveillance methods should not store any personal information.

The poll shows that people who are more educated and more intelligent are more likely to oppose big brother. The two age brackets that find surveillance most distasteful are the young, 18-25 years, and the old, over 65 years. Older Americans remember a time when America was truly free and that trading liberty for security was like trading a $100 bill for a kick in the teeth.

The emergence of the Internet as a rallying point for freedom and truth means young people are more liberty literate than the 30 and 40 somethings.

Next time you hear a control freak rant on about how everybody loves big brother and how people who are paranoid about facing the future are holding back technological development such as RFID, remind them that they do not have the support of the American people.




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