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Travellers must have retina, thumbprint scans or face jail

From A Reader:

Dear Alex ,
Just to update you on one of todays stories about eye scanning at Orlando
airport. I am a UK resident and prison planet tv subscriber and am at the moment in Fort Lauderdale Florida. When i was on my way from Edinburgh I had a stop in Newark New Jersey, when passing through immagration i was finger scanned and eye scanned. When i asked what would happen if i refused to give my finger prints and iris scan i was told that i could be detained and would not be able to get my connecting flight. Needless to say i had to submit to the process or face a new jersey jail cell!
This process is already all over the states and anyone trying to holiday in America can expect this.

Thanks for all the good work that you and the infowars crew are doing.

Iris Scanning To Begin At Orlando International Airport

Associated Press | May 11, 2005

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Florida's busiest airport will begin using high-tech iris-scanning technology to filter out possible terrorists and add an additional layer of security, according to Local 6 News.

People at Orlando International Airport will have both irises scanned at special computers to determine their identity.

"This will be an additional layer of information that is enrolled, which will be biometric information," OIA director of security Brigitte Rivera Goersch said. "Employees irises will be enrolled for the additional layer of security."

The Airport Access Control Pilot Program or AACPP is a first of its kind, according to the report.

A person would be required to stand in front of a special mirror and have both eyes scanned.

"It has to verify both irises, not just one iris," Goersch. "Statistically it is very reliable. Iris scanners -- the technology of iris scanning -- is considered one of the most reliable biometric technologies."

"You know just like we did with the airplanes with the cockpit doors and air marshals and all of that kind of stuff," federal security director Art Meinke said. It is just another step to try to figure out what can we do better."

Local 6 News reported that the 90-day test could be expanded and eventually moved to airports throughout the nation

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